TURBOLAB Core 90i with DIVAC 1.4 backing pump

The TURBOLAB Core: A scientific vacuum product

November 29, 2021

2 min read

Already well known for our TURBOLAB series of vacuum pumps, Leybold is now pleased to present a new addition to the line, the TURBOLAB Core. It offers all the reliability, power, and ease of set up you would expect from a Leybold vacuum pump at a fraction of the cost of our other vacuum pumping stations. 

How do you know which Leybold vacuum pumping station is the right choice for you? Here is some basic information about the original TURBOLAB as compared to the new TURBOLAB Core that may help you to decide which is the best choice for your application.  

TURBOLAB pumping station

Available in tabletop or cart versions, the TURBOLAB vacuum pump is compact, adaptable and easy to both set up and use. It comes to you fully assembled and ready to operate. 

All configurations of these pumping stations include turbopumps and backing pumps. The following features also come standard: 

  • Frequency converter 

  • Strong steel frame  

  • Turbo Pressure Unit (TPU) - this is backlit to allow for easy reading of the measurements and can be used to monitor, configure, and control the pump. 

The various add-ons this pumping station can support simultaneously allows for countless configurations and the adaptability to meet the needs of almost any application. These include: 

  • Choice of dry or oil sealed pumps 

  • Air or water cooling units  

  • Vents 

  • Flange heaters 

  • Safety valve 

  • Up to 2 gauges  

The vacuum technology offered in our TURBOLAB series is top of the line, but what if you don’t need all the bells and whistles? What if you just need a powerful and reliable vacuum pump at a reasonable price? Enter the TURBOLAB Core!


The TURBOLAB Core offers you as much reliability, power, and ease of set up as its predecessor, but it carries a much smaller price tag. It’s designed for use by those who need a simple vacuum pumping station that is easy to use and works great. 

The TURBOLAB Core offers fewer features that the original. There are 2 basic versions: the 90 and the 250. Both have a dry diaphragm pump, a strong metal base plate, simple controller, and a vent valve accessory. They differ only on the flange choices that can be used with them. 

Although they are not as adaptable as the TURBOLAB standard, for those who are looking for a powerful vacuum pump that won’t break the budget, the TURBOLAB Core has a lot to offer:

  • Entry-level pricing  

  • Simple to use 

  • Easy to set up and service 

  • A powerful tabletop solution to your vacuum pumping needs 

  • Reliable  

  • Quiet operation 

  • Low vibration 

  • Remote starting of the pumps 

  • Time delay or pressure dependent automatic starting  

  • Connection for one gauge 

This more compact and less expensive TURBOLAB Core may be the right choice for college or university labs or other research facilities where quality matters but extra accessories that bring added costs are not. 

To find out more about the TURBOLAB Core or any of our other turbopumps, contact us today!

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