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Pioneering products. Passionately applied.

We enable precise, innovative, economical and sustainable manufacturing of vacuum solutions and services.

We offer customized solutions for your industry

Vacuum technology is an elementary component in the production of several products.

State-of-the-art, innovative vacuum pumps, components, standardized and fully customized vacuum solutions and services from Leybold help manufacture these products more precisely, economically, innovatively and, last but not least, more sustainably.

Are you looking for vacuum solutions? Look no further than Leybold. We have been delivering vacuum pumps, systems, accessories, services and tailor-made vacuum solutions for almost 170 years.

Vacuum calculations

Use our online vacuum calculation tools to find the right vacuum pump or simulate systems of pumps, components and chambers.

Sound analyzer

Use our sound analyzer to run a quick health-check of your vacuum pump and get immediate feedback on your pump’s status.

Remote Connectivity, GENIUS Instant Insights

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Remote connectivity and monitoring

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ECOSS 35 - Luxembourg

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Leybold presents the NDi central vacuum system for food & packaging, research & development and analytical applications

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