Leybonol, rental  and back up allocation

Rentals and Back-Up Allocation

Our refurbished products are available for you

Flexible usage, bridging of downtime periods, or exclusive backup allocation

Do you need vacuum equipment for a brief period for bridge repair or overhaul times? Would you like to react with high flexibility in production capacity?

We offer a broad range of refurbished Leybold products. Choose from over thousands of items which are available worldwide off the shelf. The refurbished products are available for a short rental, as well as for purchasing. Upon request we are pleased to offer you a tailor-made vacuum back-up allocation concept meeting your requirements for ensuring up-time and fast replacement support.

Every product runs through a complete overhauling process before being stored

Decontamination/ Cleaning

Extensive Inspection

Exchange of all wear parts and removal of all damage

Reconditioning for new-pump performance

New painting

Same basis equipment provided as for new products (oil etc.)

Leybold Service – Expert and reliable partner

Maintaining your uptime and reducing the risk of production downtime is critical. Anywhere you are, Leybold is there to support you as your vacuum service partner. Our Field Service team and our fully equipped Service Technology Centers are at your disposal to have your vacuum pump serviced. 

vacuum parts and kits, 971462630

Où trouver et acheter les pièces détachées et les kits pour pompes à vide ?

Kits de réparation de pompe à vide de haute qualité, pièces détachées pour pompes à vide et filtres à huile pour les différents modèles de pompes ainsi que pour une large gamme d'applications

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General service brochure

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General service brochure

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Which oil is compatible with my vacuum pump?

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