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vacuum pump repair

Service your vacuum pump

Short service times and high quality standards

Short service times as well as high quality standards characterize our worldwide Service Technolgy Centers.

In our Service Technology Centers we follow global Leybold standards to ensure high quality levels of all services worldwide. Therefore, we use service processes that are applicable worldwide, as well as special tools developed for your vacuum pump services. Our technicians who are factory trained, are specialists in maintenance, overhauling and repairing your range of vacuum pump equipment. Moreover, the global Service Technology Centers are also linked to our production and development sites to ensure state of the art vacuum knowledge. 

Enjoy our quick and easy Fixed-Price Service

Lower turn-around time then with our standard service process

Higher levels of continuity for your production process

Transparent and fixed pricing

Our services

Basic service

Our Basic Service offers reasonably priced maintenance to keep your pump operational under normal conditions, while offering 100% cost transparency.

Basic service includes:

  • Basic cleaning of the pump
  • Replacement of consumables, oil, and major wear parts
  • 6-month warranty on replacement parts 

Smart service

Our Smart Service offers full maintenance for a fixed price to keep your pump fit for use, while offering 100% cost transparency.

Smart service includes:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Replacement of consumables, oil, and all wear parts
  • Rework for damage
  • Decontamination available
  • 12-month warranty on repair

Advanced service

Our Advanced Service brings your pump back to pump specifications while offering 100% cost transparency.

Advanced service includes:

  •  Professional cleaning
  •  Replacement of consumables, oil, and all wear parts
  •  Replacement of additional worn or damaged components
  •  Leak detection
  •  Painting (for painted products)
  •  Decontamination available

Available for operating pumps where the recommended maintenance interval has not been exceeded.

Are you running your vacuum equipment in processes using toxic or acid substances?

Our Service Technology Centers have the right equipment available for proper decontamination of pumps which have been contaminated in different onsite processes. Of course, we are prepared to dispose of residual media, uninstalled components, surplus equipment etc. properly and in line with the respective laws and regulations.

Leybold Service – Expert and reliable partner

Maintaining your uptime and reducing the risk of production downtime is critical. Anywhere you are, Leybold is there to support you as your vacuum service partner. Our Field Service team and our fully equipped Service Technology Centers are at your disposal to have your vacuum pump serviced. 

vacuum parts and kits, 971462630

Wo sind die Ersatzteile und das Kit für meine Vakuumpumpe erhältlich?

Hochwertige Reparaturkits für Vakuumpumpen, Ersatzteile für Vakuumpumpen und Ölfilter für die verschiedenen Pumpenmodelle und eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen

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Leybold Basic Service

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Leybold Smart Service

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Leybold Advanced Service

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LEYBONOL Vacuum pump oil

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Rundum-Service für Ihr Vakuum

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Which oil is compatible with my vacuum pump?

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