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LEYBONOL 不只是油品,更是幫浦持續運作的根本

Oil is important for the vacuum process for many reasons. It lubricates the moving parts, provides sealing and even removes contaminants from the process. High-quality oils and lubricants are vital to your vacuum pump’s performance and health. LEYBONOL is in-house engineered to ensure airtight lubrication, chemical stability, as well as the required oxidation, and heat tolerance.

How do you know what oil is right for your needs? 
The right oil depends on your application and pump technology.

You can scroll on and read all about them, contact our experts for further support. Or make your life easy and use the oil finder to determine which oil you need.



LEYBONOL 真空幫浦油品有何特殊之處?

Uptime and reliability

Our high-quality oil help you get a high performance out of our pump. They also reduce wear and tear, extending the overall lifetime of your vacuum pump. You can keep your mind on your production process, LEYBONOL will take care of your vacuum pump. 

Reduced maintenance costs

Opting for high-grade oil can also lead to reduced power consumption in the pump, ultimately resulting in cost savings on your operational expenses. LEYBONOL’s exceptional quality, directly impacts both the frequency of oil changes and the wear and tear experienced by your pump's components.

Industry-leading quality standards 

LEYBONOL is compliant with REACH, DSL, NDSL, GHS and many other regulations. But we go beyond these standards to provide you with a safe and effective vacuum pump oil. All our oil are subject to frequent and rigorous testing to ensure each batch is consistent and provides the same outstanding vacuum performance. 


LEYBONOL provides you with 5 different vacuum pump oil types, each of which has its own specialties and optimal performing environments, so you have a reliable vacuum pump oil for every application. 


Mineral oil

Mineral oil is known for its exceptional compatibility with elastomers and resistance to hydrolysis. It is often referred to as semi-synthetic pump oil. Hydrocracked oils, on the other hand, are manufactured at high hydrogen pressures and elevated temperatures, making them largely free of aromatic compounds and olefins.

These oils offer several key benefits:

  • Enhanced thermal stability: They exhibit superior thermal stability when compared to traditional mineral vacuum pump oil.
  • Extended oil change intervals: In most cases, they allow for longer intervals between vacuum pump oil changes, contributing to cost savings and operational efficiency.

合成機油 – 酯

Ester oil stands out as the preferred choice for vacuum pump applications that demand exceptional thermal performance.

Key properties of ester oil include:

  • High-temperature resilience: Ester oil is well-suited for operations at elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding thermal conditions.
  • Moderate elastomer compatibility: It offers satisfactory compatibility with elastomers, striking a balance between effective sealing and functionality.
  • Decent hydrolysis resistance: While not the absolute highest, ester oil demonstrates a reasonable level of resistance to hydrolysis, making it a practical choice for various applications.

合成機油 - 聚 α 烯烴 (PAO)

Polyalphaolefin (PAO) oil is a class of synthetic hydrocarbons known for their paraffin-like nature and uniform molecular structure. When compared to mineral oil, PAO oil exhibits superior thermal and chemical resistance.

These oils offer exceptional benefits, particularly excelling in:

  • Low-temperature performance: PAO oil has outstanding flow properties in cold conditions, making it highly effective at low temperatures.
  • Elastomer compatibility: They are well-suited for applications requiring elastomer compatibility, ensuring reliable sealing and functionality.
  • Hydrolysis resistance: PAO oil provides strong resistance against hydrolysis, enhancing its longevity and reliability.

合成機油 – PFPE

When it comes to high temperatures, PFPE oil is your hassle-free solution. It is virtually inert when exposed to various chemicals and oxidizing agents and remains unaltered even under intense energy radiation.

Here are some key considerations:

  • Temperature sensitivity: Reactions may occur at temperatures exceeding approximately 150°C (302°F), so careful monitoring is advised.
  • Exceptional thermal stability: Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) demonstrates remarkable thermal stability and is non-flammable, providing added safety in high-temperature environments.
  • Extreme temperature resilience: Thermal decomposition only becomes a concern at temperatures exceeding 290°C (554°F), highlighting its ability to withstand extreme heat.


For diffusion pump oil, the choice of fluids is critical. These fluids need to meet specific criteria to ensure optimal performance, including:

  • Low vapor pressure and thermal stability: They maintain low vapor pressure at room temperature while demonstrating significant resistance to thermal decomposition and oxidation.
  • High surface tension: The fluids should possess high surface tension characteristics to minimize the creeping of oil films.
  • Chemical inertness, high flash point, and low evaporation heat: They must exhibit chemical inertness, boast a high flash point for safety, and have low evaporation heat.
  • Versatility and cost-effectiveness: Ideal pump fluids should enable high pumping speeds across a broad pressure range while remaining cost-effective.


Within LEYBONOL's comprehensive portfolio, you'll find specialized lubricants designed to meet unique needs. Our greases play a crucial role in reducing friction and minimizing wear, ensuring smooth component movement while effectively sealing against contaminants. Additionally, they serve as reliable anti-rust and anti-corrosion agents, contributing to the extended lifespan of your pump.

Discover the full range of LEYBONOL's oil, lubricants, and greases by exploring our online shop. If you require personalized guidance or expert advice on vacuum services, don't hesitate to reach out to our vacuum service expert.

Your equipment's performance and longevity matter to us, and we're here to assist you. 

Leybonol mineral oil in vacuum pump

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為什麼 LEYBONOL 比其他品牌更適合我的幫浦?

LEYBONOL 油品以性能優異且高度精緻的精選原料製成,且未加稀釋,並確保製造處理時沒有任何污染情況發生。LEYBONOL 油品皆以透徹的品管機制予以控管,並須通過頻繁且嚴格的測試,以確保每批油品皆品質一致,且皆能提供同樣出色的真空效能。 



LEYBONOL 等高品質真空幫浦油品可降低耗電量、磨損和維護成本。換句話說,LEYBONOL 可保護您的幫浦,並延長其預期使用壽命。LEYBONOL 的維修週期通常比其他品牌更長,因此可助您節省維護成本。



空壓機油品和真空幫浦油品並非一定相容。雖然空壓機和幫浦有時採用相同的技術 (例如油封旋轉螺旋或葉片),但將兩者的潤滑劑混用或互換並非理想做法。不同油品的黏度和熱氧化穩定性等特性會因幫浦的應用和溫度等條件需求而大不相同。在某些情況下,混用油品或許貌似可行,但我們仍建議使用適合的油品。




油品的壽命取決於油品類型。含特殊添加劑的合成油較礦物油更為耐用。LEYBONOL 油品的標準使用壽命為 0.5 年。部分使用壽命較長的油品應於 1 年後更換,而我們的「長效」油品則可持續使用長達 2 年。


您幫浦油品的耐用性取決於多項參數,溫度就是其中一項。礦物油最高溫度限制為 80°C (176°F),若高於此值,油品會變濃。我們發現每增加 10°C 溫度,就會讓油品使用壽命縮短一半。合成油能在 100-160°C (212-320°F) 下長期使用。PFPE 油品接近惰性,不會像一般油品會發生老化。因此,PFPE 油品能常態性承受最高達 250°C (482°F) 的溫度。部分運作環境條件也可能對機油來說過冷,導致水 (及其他) 蒸汽產生凝結。冷凝液體可能會使潤滑性質消失,甚至致使幫浦發生腐蝕。


油品在特定情況下可以互換,然而這可能造成設備嚴重損壞,因此我們非常不建議這麼做。在最幸運的情況下,可能只影響到幫浦效能,但在最壞的情況下,則可能導致整個幫浦故障。事實上,油品錯用是導致系統問題產生的主要原因,其中油品混用最有可能造成問題,應該避免。如果您要改用 PFPE 機油,您應將您的幫浦交由我們的授權維修中心處理。幫浦必須完全拆卸並清潔。此外,過濾器和密封件也應予以更換、重新上脂。


切勿將棄用的真空幫浦油品倒入一般排水口。請將舊油品收集到合適的容器中 (例如最初使用的原裝容器),並根據當地回收法規處理。您可以參考安全資料表中的棄用注意事項 (通常在第 13 節中),以瞭解更多資訊。


若不妥善存放,油品的耐用性可能會劣化。所有 LEYBONOL 潤滑劑的共通存放重點建議如下:

1)      存放溫度 +10 至 +30°C (+50 至 +86°F)

2)      容器應受遮蔭,避免陽光直射

3)      圓桶狀容器應水平存放

4)      儲存於封閉的室內空間

5)      儲藏室應保持清潔乾燥


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