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ECODRY plus 系列是乾式壓縮多段魯式真空幫浦,為降低雜音樹立新標準。幫浦特別針對安靜和潔淨的環境設計,例如分析與研究實驗室。 

ECODRY plus 小型乾式幫浦能以 25 至 55 m³/h 的最大抽氣速度提供潔淨真空,同時維持低躁音等級。它們能提供多年穩定的真空效能,且無需維護。 





Fast pumps with quiet operation

With high speed from high pressures down to ultimate vacuum your vacuum system pump-down times are significantly shortened. The low ultimate pressure of down to 0.01 mbar makes the ECODRY plus perfectly suited for Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) systems. The rotors’ high manufacturing quality guarantees that the pumps will run with a low level of vibration. Consequently, also with a low level of noise, even at high inlet pressures. Efficient noise insulation is integrated within the pump housing, to shield the user from residual noise. The silencer integrated within the exhaust further serves to minimize noise, even at high gas flow rates. Combining these features achieves a low noise level of less than 52 dB(A) - meaning they are quieter than a normal conversation.

Clean and environmentally friendly

Thanks to the oil-free pumping chamber, no lubricant can enter the vacuum chamber or the environment of the pump. Furthermore, because the rotors operate contact-free, no abrasion debris is created in the form of particles, which could contaminate the vacuum chamber. Clean vacuum generation with no contamination of workstation or vacuum chamber.

Maintenance free thanks to a friction-free operating principle

ECODRY plus features a friction-free operating principle, so their components are not exposed to wear in any way. All ECODRY plus components are designed for up to five years’ operation. Maintenance measures such replacing seals or changing the oil are not required during that time. In the case of the pump itself, this guarantees long-term stable operation with no deterioration in final pressure or suction capacity.

Easy to use small sized pump

The ECODRY plus dry vacuum pumps have a compact housing and are simple to operate. With integrated castors and their low weight (less than 29 kg), they can be easily rolled out to their installation location and be moved at any point in time. There is no need for complex installation work, as the pumps can be connected directly to a single-phase electricity supply. The pumps are air-cooled, and therefore require no connection to a water supply for the purposes of cooling.

High water vapor tolerance: no internal condensation

In drying applications, such as cryopump regeneration, or when pumping out vacuum chambers with large surface areas, high quantities of water vapor may accrue. Not every pump can handle this without difficulty, as condensation in the pump can lead to corrosion and pump failure. However, with its gas ballast valve open, the ECODRY plus can pump water vapor at rates of up to 500 g/h without internal condensation.

Smart pump with integrated control dashboard for a fully intuitive operation

The ECODRY plus enables intuitive operation thanks to its integrated control dashboard. It offers you the possibility to directly connect both vacuum gauges and valves to the pump: enabling easy pressure and valve control, resulting in improved energy efficiency and process safety.


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