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SCROLLVAC plus 系列的無油渦卷式真空幫浦提供靈活、堅固且簡單的真空解決方案。幫浦可在各種應用領域中使用。這包括一般實驗室、輕工業和研究應用,以及一些化學應用。

SCROLLVAC plus 系列的乾式真空幫浦以渦旋壓縮機的原理運行。渦卷幫浦由兩個嚙合的螺旋形式組成。一個渦卷模組偏心地安裝在另一個渦卷上,並使其在相對於固定渦旋的軌道上移動。這會產生新月形的體積,這些體積會以外部驅動到內部的模式來抽送氣體。

SCROLLVAC plus 是完全無油的乾式渦卷式幫浦,在這種情況下,抽氣速度會加快,並結合低極限壓力、低功耗和低噪音等級。氣鎮閥可抽除水、溶劑、稀酸與鹼等可凝蒸氣。 

SCROLLVAC plus 小型乾式幫浦也配備最新 tip seal 密封技術,可大幅延長 tip seal 更換間隔。整合式智慧型驅動系統具備自動感應電壓輸入,可全域提供優化的抽氣效能。SCROLLVAC plus 幫浦是專為現場維修而設計的產品。 

所有 SCROLLVAC plus 乾式幫浦均經過 ATEX 認證,符合 group II category 3 設備的要求 (ATEX II 3 G c IIB T4 internal)。它們還通過了 CE、CSA/UL 認證。


Addressing a wide range of applications

From general labs to research. Flexibility and choice are essential when selecting the right dry vacuum pump solution for your application. With SCROLLVAC plus you can choose within four different pumping speeds to best meet your specific requirements. The design of the SCROLLVAC plus separates the bearing mechanism from the pumping mechanism. This means the scroll forms provide clean, dry, lubricant-free pumping. At the same time the bearings operate in a benign atmospheric environment which contributes to the longevity of the pump. A simple to operate gas ballast enables the pump to effectively cope with vapor loads as well as gas loads. The gas ballast adapter accessory allows the introduction of inert gasses, either at full or reduced gas ballast flow. SCROLLVAC plus can be connected to an exhaust line: where this is not available an exhaust silencer may be fitted.

Effortless and easy to operate and maintain

This oil-free scroll vacuum pump is designed to be simple to operate whether manually or via remote control. Long service intervals make the SCROLLVAC plus an almost “fit and forget” solution. When it’s time to change the Tip seal: you can do this quickly and easily.

A pump with a positive environmental impact

SCROLLVAC plus is a hermetically sealed lubricant-free dry vacuum pump. This means there is no need to dispose of used oil. The smart drive also contributes to lowering the pump’s power consumption, making it environmentally friendly.

Quiet vacuum pump

An immediate improvement for your workspace! Low noise levels of below 55 dB(A) make for a pleasant workplace or laboratory environment where you can perfectly have a normal conversation.

Low cost of ownership

Its long service interval and low power consumption from a single sided scroll arrangement make the SCROLLVAC plus a perfect investment for the longer term.



標準 SCROLLVAC plus 版本是專為滿足大多數的一般應用而設計。 

SCROLLVAC C plus 機型專為更具侵蝕性應用而設計:需認真考慮由於腐蝕而導致內部零件潛在劣化。配合合適的吹掃氣流,SCROLLVAC C plus 型號可做為處理腐蝕性溶劑和化學品的配置。


  • 抗化學腐蝕的排氣逆止閥和氣鎮閥
  • 不銹鋼進氣口和排氣口法蘭
  • 提供轉換套件讓您能升級標準版本。



Dry Compressing Scroll vacuum pump
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