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我們知道我們可以滔滔不絕地告訴您在 Leybold 工作有多棒,但我們也想證明給您看。

Leybold 幕後花絮:同仁們的故事

We’ve asked our colleagues to share their own career stories. How did they start at Leybold? What did they find challenging? What did they learn? And ultimately, why did they decide to stay? Explore employee testimonials to discover the journeys and experiences that make our team exceptional.

At Leybold everyone brings their own unique perspective to the team – and that’s what we love! We are a diverse blend of experiences and perspectives. As part of the Atlas Copco Group, Leybold leads in vacuum technology, and we are known not just for delivering results, but for fostering creativity. We believe in empowering our employees to make a meaningful impact.

So, we hope you enjoy our ‘Meet our People’ page, and that you learn something new about us.  

        這是 Jamila,我們行銷部門的初階產品經理

這是 Ehsan,我們的服務開發工程師

這是 Uriel,我們的智慧產品 FLEX 實習生

這是 Lea,我們的行銷與通訊綜合人員

這是 Uwe,我們的市場領域管理 (MSM) 主管

photo of Jamila Poladova, junior product manager in Leybold

認識 Jamila Poladova

"I feel valued in my team and in the company. I know that whatever I have to say will always be heard and that all my ideas or suggestions will be taken into consideration"

- Jamila Poladova 

Junior Product Manager in Marketing

您在 Leybold 一路從工讀生做到 Marketing 的 Junior Product Manager,這段旅程過得還順利嗎?

I started working for Leybold back in 2020 as a working student at the Academy, coordinated trainings and workshops. Currently, I am working on multiple projects in the Marketing team as a part-time Junior Product Manager. My whole experience at Leybold from the very beginning till today was nothing but positive and exciting. I learn something new every day and meet amazing people. I am constantly challenged to go out of my comfort zone and grow as a specialist and as a person. I would say those are the main reasons why I decided to stay after my working student position. 


I feel valued in my team and in the company as a whole, because I know that whatever I have to say will always be heard and all of my ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration. This is the way I have felt since my first day in the organization, back when I was a working student. So, I'm sure this is a common feeling for everyone working at Leybold.

photo of Ehsan Jalalisadr, Service Development Engineer Intelligent Products in Leybold

認識 Ehsan Jalalisadr

“What really matters here is your attitude. The team will help you develop the necessary skills as you go along”

- Ehsan Jalalisadr 

Service Development Engineer Intelligent Products

請談談您到目前為止在 Leybold 的旅程!您是在什麼情況下初次聽說這家公司?您的第一個職務是什麼?您目前在做什麼工作?

Actually, I hadn’t heard about Leybold before I joined four years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to Leybold as one of the biggest companies in Cologne, Germany. This seemed interesting to me, as I just moved back to Cologne after finishing my bachelor's thesis and was about to start my masters in automation engineering.

As I wanted to dive into a different area, I decided to apply for a job in Marketing. Up until then, a completely new world for me! It was an amazing opportunity to get to know the team, the business, and the tools the marketing team is using for selling service contracts to our customers.

After a year, I started to write my master’s thesis which was a great experience and my introduction to the Leybold Engineering team. Thereafter I successfully applied for my current role as a service development engineer for intelligent products.


The working environment and the possibilities made me want to continue pursuing a career at Leybold. Having the chance to collaborate with coworkers from diverse backgrounds and countries has enriched my daily experience. This has provided me with the opportunity to tackle stimulating and intricate project tasks and gain exposure to a wide range of captivating projects and people with their unique cultures.

In addition to that, Leybold offers me a lot of opportunities to grow and steer my career in the way I am interested and excited about. A big part of my everyday work is to collaborate with the different stakeholders, which fulfills my everyday life with joy and excitement because every day is different, and we face big challenges together, discuss them, and find solutions for our customers and the field in the best and most efficient way.

From the very beginning, my opinion was highly valued and requested on every project. Right from the start, this alleviated my initial insecurity as a fresh graduate and encouraged me to contribute new ideas. I was immediately involved in all the necessary projects; asking "stupid" questions is no problem here, quite the contrary, it is even very welcome. What really matters is your attitude, and they'll help you develop the necessary skills as you go along. I am very proud to be part of such a positive and supportive organization. Over time, I have grown to become an expert in the new generation of controllers, and now I contribute my part to crucial implementation projects.

photo of Uriel Pauline Palmos, FLEX Graduate Intelligent Products

認識 Uriel Pauline Palmos

"It has been a very supportive environment, where my abilities are trusted, and where there are plenty of opportunities for professional growth"

- Uriel Pauline Palmos

FLEX Trainee, Intelligent Products

請談談您到目前為止在 Leybold 的旅程!您是在什麼情況下初次聽說這家公司?您目前在做什麼工作?到目前為止的體驗如何?

Regarding my onboarding process, it moved quite quickly. Within approximately three weeks I learned about Leybolds and joined the team. I first contacted someone from Leybold via LinkedIn, which promptly led to a phone call and an interview and suddenly I was getting ready to join Leybold. Initially, I was paired with a mentor, someone who held a comparable role one year ago. This mentor pairing proved valuable as I gained insights into the trainee position. He had gone through exactly what I was going through in my journey and led me around. Slowly, this helped me learn my position and how to get around the office!

Currently, as an engineering trainee, I have an eight-month tenure with flexibility in choosing my next assignment. It's one of the things I really like about this position, because I can check out different positions and explore the positions I may like or may not like. I am really encouraged to explore as much as I want, and as someone newly out of my bachelors, it's great to be able to see what I may want for my career.

This program is self-driven by the trainees, so we network to meet different people in positions we may be interested in. At the moment, I help with the intelligent products at Leybold that are used with the vacuum pumps; basically, products that monitor the pumps and connect it to the cloud. The innovative part is all the algorithms and factors we have to ensure run smoothly. It’s exciting to bridge the gap and support on-field engineers in setting up the products, including conducting training and sharing the knowledge I've gained.

I like doing this quite a bit. There are obviously quite a few things that surprise me, as I am also learning on the go, but it’s genuinely nice to see that my bosses and coworkers have trust in me to take on my own projects and trainings. It gives me encouragement and motivation. It has shown me that I am consistently able to learn and progress and that I am contributing to the company. 


It’s a lot to absorb. Up until now I had never touched vacuum pumps, so I definitely am not a specialist. The learning curve, although steep, has been a consistent process. People were very open, and in new situations sometimes you feel like the new kid, but I have been able to meet a lot of people and learn from them.  

Overall, my impression is that there are quite a few people that are very open and inviting. I mean it is a very large company and some people have been here for decades, so finding a place seemed difficult, but people consistently invited me to meetings and events, check up on me, and now I am a part of many Whatsapp groups. It's nice to see people being open. The best part is that people emphasize that they understand my experiences as the new kid, and that they have experienced all the different confusions, and learning curves that I have gone through myself. Generally, I don’t expect people to stay at a company for so long so it’s nice to see people find their long-term careers here. 

Photo of Lea Grimberg

認識 Lea Grimberg

"Whether you're a newcomer or someone with 25 years of experience, everyone in the team is exceptionally helpful and kind"

- Lea Grimberg

Marketing & Communication Generalist

請談談您到目前為止在 Leybold 的旅程。您是在什麼情況下初次聽說這家公司?您的第一個職務是什麼?您目前在做什麼工作?

My journey was unique. I was introduced to Leybolds through my mother, who worked at Leybold for 25 years.

After high school, I started as a trainee in Marketing and Communication and worked for 6 months. This experience led me to pursue an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk.

My first department after the apprenticeship was service planning, where I spent four years coordinating maintenance for our service technicians. I then decided to pursue part-time studies while working as a field service planner.

Today, I proudly hold a bachelor’s degree and am actively contributing to Leybold in the Marketing & Communication department. 


One aspect that stands out to me is the remarkable sense of camaraderie. Whether you're a newcomer or someone with 25 years of experience, everyone in the team is exceptionally helpful and kind.

What I appreciate the most is the open and welcoming environment for questions. There's no need to feel ashamed of asking too much; the team fosters a culture where curiosity is encouraged. This creates a supportive atmosphere that contributes significantly to the overall positive work experience.

是什麼讓 Leybold 在作為雇主方面優於其他公司?

What sets Leybold apart as an employer is its commitment to employee wellbeing. The emphasis on wellbeing is not just a policy but a tangible part of the company culture.

Leybold goes beyond the conventional by organizing team events and moreover, Leybold stands out for providing excellent opportunities for continuous education and personal growth. The company is not just a workplace; it's a platform that actively supports your career. 

photo of Uwe Zoellig

認識 Uwe Zoellig

"My work never got boring. From the beginning I was involved in what we call “applications”. I needed to select or develop vacuum solutions which could cope with the very specific requirements of the various vacuum using markets"

- Uwe Zoellig

Head of Market Sector Management (MSM)

您已經在 Leybolds 任職多年,可以請您談談您的旅程嗎?您是如何取得今日的成就的?

My journey at Leybold spans nearly 33 years, and it all started with a unique career path. Initially, after completing 10 years of school, I pursued vocational training as a Chemical Laboratory Assistant at a chemical company. Being just 18 years old, I was already on the job market and worked for the Chemical company, however, after a year in the workforce, I felt the desire to achieve more.

I made the bold decision to quit my job, returned to school for another year, and embarked on a study in Process Engineering at the Fachhochschule Köln. Coming to the end of my study, I needed to look for job opportunities. One Saturday I opened the Cologne newspaper to look for the job offers there (this is how things worked those days 😊) and the first advertisement I found which fitted to my background was the one from Leybold. The position was for a project engineer in the Systems team.

Despite the company's background differing from my chemical history, I was intrigued. Following the interview process, I not only wanted to work for Leybold but also for the manager who interviewed me, eventually becoming my mentor and a strong supporter of my career.

Originally thinking I would explore other opportunities later; I've now been with Leybold for almost three decades. The journey has been filled with challenges, growth, and a genuine passion for the work we do here.

您在 Leybold 的職涯有何獨特之處?併入阿特拉斯·科普柯集團對您的專業旅程有何影響?

My work never got boring. From the beginning I was involved in what we call “applications”. I needed to select or develop vacuum solutions which could cope with the very specific requirements of the various vacuum using markets. I tell you; these things do never get boring. Even after that many years, there are always new applications coming up which offer new and uncommon challenges. The challenge of developing solutions for specific market needs keeps my work engaging and ever evolving.

The company's size is just right – not too large where individual contributions get lost, as was the case in my previous role at a massive chemical company, but also not too small to limit personal and professional growth. Leybold's non-hierarchical culture, even back in the 90s, empowered me as a young engineer to influence decisions and find receptive superiors. I could follow a “career path” which suited my own speed. I was never hunting to reach the next level, but there were always opportunities coming up when I needed them.

Now, as part of the Atlas Copco Group, Leybold's future is secure, and the integration has opened numerous doors for career growth and change. Together with our sister brands, we are now the biggest vacuum company in the world.  

I began my engineering journey here, and I'm confident I'll conclude it at Leybold. Despite challenges, I've never regretted my decision, and opening that newspaper on a Saturday morning remains one of my best choices.

Three leybold employees in a meeting room, two of them are hugging