PHOENIX Cart System - Mobile leak detectors

Configured to your needs

A wide range of pre-designed combinations, fully assembled and ready to start: Helium leak detection to-go.

The cart is mounted on large and stable wheels to allow for easy transportation and maximum mobility of the leak detector.

  • It comes with all required accessories.
  • Its high-quality construction provides work surfaces for test leaks as well as the possibility to mount helium bottles of various sizes. 
  • External fore vacuum pumps can also be mounted via a flexible rail  construction in the lower level.

Due to the innovative design, the helium supply is located on the side facing away from the inlet of the leak detector.

The cart can be fully customized: you can choose to include a partial flow system, sniffer lines or e.g. bigger wheels.

Advantages at a glance:

Mobile leak detection

Ready-to-go solution

Find leaks in the worst conditions

Safe and great performance

Pre-assembled system

Fully customizable

High reliability

Perfectly suited for the research & development sector

Wether you work within a university, an institute, a research center, a laboratory or equipment manufacturing: the PHOENIX Cart System comes in many configurations with all the same benefits:

  • Compact system enable optimum use of available space 
  • High mobility and flexibility
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Intelligent reminders and convenient data logging options
  • Easy switch between multiple users: set up profiles and log in quickly
  • Easy switch between different experiments: create a test set-up and save up to 10 parameter sets
  • Easy data analysis and documentation using a variety of interfaces
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