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Explore Leybold’s reliable vacuum pumps for charging applications.

Reliable and efficient vacuum for your charging application needs

Leybold has decades of experience when it comes to providing quality vacuum for charging applications. Vacuum supports numerous manufacturing processes wherein products need to be charged with gases or liquids. Examples include refrigerant circuits for air-conditioners and refrigerators, automotive brake lines, heat-pipes and gas-filled lamps.


  • Refrigerators and air conditioners (RAC)
  • Automotive hydraulic brake charging
  • Gas bottle charging
  • Heat pipe production
  • Lamp production

Before the final gas or liquid can be charged, it’s important, to ensure that the volume to be filled is evacuated in order to provide a clean and dry space as well as “bubble-free” charging. Imagine there being moisture inside your brake line, it could make your brake fluid freeze in winter or air bubbles which would make your car's brakes less efficient.

The challenges of charging applications are numerous. Surely there is air, but often moisture and even liquid droplets need to be pumped from the volume. During the evacuation of gas bottles, the vacuum pump must also sometimes handle harsh process gases, e.g., from the semiconductor industry. Depending on the level of cleanliness required, evacuation into high vacuum is sometimes required.

Our products are applicable to most industries. Come see us if you need vacuum solutions for charging applications.

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