The Leybold CERAVAC CTR capacitance manometers utilize the latest INCONEL diaphragms, giving stability, corrosion resistance and an increased longevity. The cell is also able to resist transient pressure bursts, meaning that accidents in process don’t damage the gauge, which can lead to downtime due to repair/replacement being needed. This coupled with the range of full scale options covering decades from 1000 to 0.1 torr, enabling pressure control over multiple decades, make this a perfect solution for the gold standard of pressure control. 

The CERAVAC CTR capacitance manometer is based on the principle that semi-conducting materials exhibit a change in resistivity when under mechanical load. The difference being that in a capacitive gauge the deflection of the diaphragm is measured electrically rather than mechanically. Therefore the capacitive gauges are more accurate and are considered standard for accurate measurements at higher pressures. Using this principle capacitance gauges react much quicker than a Piezo pressure measurement gauge so are often used in pressure control loops. 

User advantages

1000 torr to 0.1 torr full scales - 1000 torr to 1e-5 torr pressure measurement

Excellent accuracy with long-term stability and high overpressure rating

Inconel sensor and stainless steel 316 inlet flange

Very good temperature compensation regardless of ambient conditions

Serial interface (RS 232 protocol) and analogue 0-10v

Calibration final test report with every gauge


CERAVAC CTR transmitters are active sensors with a diaphragm made of Inconel®. 

This ensures excellent accuracy (up to 0.12% rdg.) with high reproducibility. 

Due to the resistant material composition the CERAVAC is also suited in very aggressive and corrosive applications. Both the CTR 100 and the CTR 101 come in full scale ranges from 1000torr to 0.1torr. This enables measurement from 1000 torr to 10-5 torr with a high level of accuracy no matter the environment. The stainless-steel sensor and microprocessor-based electronics offer excellent accuracy and reproducibility.  

CERAVAC gauges are easy to integrate to your vacuum control system, either via our GRAPHIX series controllers or via the outputs from the gauge. There is both an analogue 0-10 V linear output and a RS232 output, giving you the option to communicate digitally and control further aspects of the gauge from your PLC. 

The CTR 100 and CTR 101 allow gas type independent pressure measurements and are able to tolerate bursts of pressure without suffering physical damage or calibration shifts. The robust sensor is suited for the most corrosive processes as the sensor is highly resistant to corrosion from common process chemicals. 

The sensor of the CTR 101 is internally heated and regulated to 45 °C which not only stops certain gasses from condensing in the gauge head / cold spots in the system, but also increases the accuracy of the gauge, especially when measuring to lower pressures. 

Our CERAVAC CTR gauges are no maintenance gauges. Their robust Inconel sensing cell, and strong resistance to zero drift mean that once fitted, you can rely on them to give you accurate measurements for years. They also ship with a final test certificate showing how the gauges perform across their measuring range, giving you peace of mind about the performance you are getting with every gauge. 

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