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A vacuum that is intelligently produced and applied is able to meet various requirements for the production of items that surround us in everyday life - for a sustainable, better future.

From standardized vacuum components to customized solutions -

We offer a broad range of vacuum products for your industry!

With vacuum technology by Leybold, goods and products that enrich our daily lives can be produced more precisely, more economically and much more sustainable. For instance, the titanium coating of watches, the anti-reflective coating on eyeglass lenses, or storage media with ever-increasing capacities. Hermetically sealed food packing, heavy-duty turbine blades, which make our airplanes more reliable and more economical, and flat screens too. 

We are always thinking further
Our sales, marketing, applications consulting and product development teams are in continuous contact with technology specialists. This guarantees that any application-specific requirements are considered in advance and can be incorporated at an early stage during product development.

Special requirements require individual solutions
Our customers are not buying just vacuum components – they are buying functional, application oriented products for individual solutions.

Individual system approaches require understanding and experience
With our comprehensive application experience, we can accompany you from A to Z to implement your product and process innovations.

Discover our vacuum service offering

Beside our extensive product lines, suitable for multiple applications, we also provide multiple services and solutions for your technical vacuum tasks. We accompany you throughout the entire process from engineering to after-sales service.

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