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Vacuum hardware and valves

A full range to connect and secure your vacuum system


All parts needed to connect a vacuum system and interact with it.

This includes clamping rings, vacuum tubing (flexible, straight, elbow cross etc.), gaskets/o-rings, blanks, feedthroughs and more.

Standard valves

We can offer a reliable solution to basically every vacuum engineering application.

Our long-standing experience in the area of vacuum engineering is reflected in the selection and the design of the valves and vacuum protection components we offer for a wide variety of applications.

Many years of service and the reliability of the valves is ensured by design. Our valves are typically available as electropneumatic, pneumatic, electromagnetic, or manual.

Gate valves

Reliable across many actuations, they are easy to install and control.

Gate valves are typically found in processes requiring high throughput, with fast repetitive control.

They come with a nominal width of DN 16 to DN 250 with various flanges and control methodologies.