TURBOVAC i and active gauge control

Turbomolecular pumps require certain pressures to be reached before they run.

By connecting a TURBOVAC i pump to the TURBO.CONTROL i controller, you can not only see key pump parameters, but also connect two active gauges from the TTR and PTR series to correctly control and optimise your high vacuum pump. 

Compatible with all TURBOVAC i/iX pumps

Compatible with TTR and PTR90 series gauges

Local display and control of pump parameters and status indicators

One pump can be controlled and monitored with this unit, alongside two active vacuum gauges for the PTR 90 series or the TTR series.

The 24 V DC voltage supply can be provided by a plug power supply with a round plug (available as an accessory).

The TURBO.CONTROL i has two communication channels (RS 485 & USB) to the pump control and offers the possibility of attaching two measuring  gauges.

You can also connect a remote computer via the integrated Ethernet port to the web server of the TURBO.CONTROL i, allowing you to control and monitor the pump via your browser.

The recorded data can be displayed and evaluated by means of the external Tool DataViewer.

The TURBO.CONTROL i contains a battery (button cell) for data buffering, and can be installed in a rack or mounted in a table housing (available as an accessory.)

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