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Vacuum Forming

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Vacuum solutions for vacuum forming

Several plastic items and products around us are creating using vacuum forming. Starting from a thick plastic sheet or foil, vacuum forming creates complex and curved parts with a half mold (called matrix). For instance, things like bathtubs, disposable food trays or inside panels of refrigerator are produced this way.

The plastic foil is first heated up to a certain temperature allowing it to be shaped. Then, using the power of vacuum (1 kg/cm²), a mechanical force is applied uniformly on the foil / film surface so that the shape of the matrix can be transferred.

As this process works in cycles, the machine production capacity is directly linked to the pumping speed which is available for pumping down. During idle time, while the next part is being prepared, the energy saving potential of the vacuum is important as the pump simply runs against a closed valve.

Our oil sealed rotary vane pumps SOGEVAC SV 220 B and SV 320 B, offering the highest pumping speed of their class, in combination with our VAControl CAB (for speeding down between two cycles) is a cost-effective solution, providing shortest cycle time and energy saving.

For bigger installations, our range of VACUBE (oil sealed screw pump with integrated speed control) is available up to 4.800 m3/h.

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