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Exchange Service

Minimal downtime at no extra cost

Planned or unplanned downtime

Planned or unplanned, downtime takes its toll on your production schedule and hampers profitability. You just can’t escape it. But, without doubt, you can minimize it. How? Well, all you need is a spare vacuum pump of the same specification. But purchasing one and maintaining it can add to the production cost. 

This is where the Exchange Service steps in. Going a long way in ensuring minimum downtime, the Exchange Service offers you the best maintenance solution. Scoring high on quality and reliability, this time-saving service adds efficiency to your pump maintenance schedule. The Exchange Service features a two-pronged approach:  

Preventive Exchange

Preventive Exchange facilitates preventative maintenance by anticipating pump issues and managing them before they occur. The following questions help establish the context of preventive maintenance:

Is your pump due for service? Is availability and uptime crucial to your operations? Do you want to take control of your maintenance schedule planning?


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Our Preventive Exchange model provides for vacuum pump maintenance with the minimum downtime and zero risk. Further, the model gives you full control over your maintenance schedule. The benefits of Preventative Exchange include:

Minimum downtime and zero risk – since you receive an identical pump that is fully functional with manufacturer standard performance.

Fixed cost – no hidden component.

Greater control over your maintenance planning – as the delivery time is pre-agreed, thereby allowing you to plan ahead.

Corrective Exchange

Corrective Exchange helps practice corrective maintenance when your vacuum pump stops working or fails to deliver the desired vacuum. Corrective Exchange counters the undesirable effect on your production. It offers a quick solution that minimizes downtime, and ensures your production is up and running again. Benefits of Corrective Exchange include:

Fixed cost – no hidden component.

Fast solution – within 24-72 hours from the purchase order. (Depending on the location.)

Minimum downtime and zero risk – since you receive an identical pump that is fully functional with manufacturer standard performance and comes with full warranty.

Every product runs through the following overhauling process before being stored:

Decontamination/ cleaning Reconditioning to original manufacturer standard level Extensive inspection and testing New painting Exchange of all wear parts and consumables using genuine spare parts Warranty on the complete unit
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Choose our Exchange Service and benefit from close to unhindered production. 

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