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Vacuum solutions for the automotive industry

Leybold provides innovative vacuum solutions for various applications throughout the automotive assembly line

Automotive assembly lines require the use of various vacuum technologies

Modern assembly lines for contemporary automobile manufacturers require continuous operation with minimal downtimes and unforeseen line shutdowns. Assembly lines must often be equipped with vacuum pumps or evacuation systems for various purposes.

Leybold vacuum pumps have a proven track record of success with fluid filling systems, especially brake fluid systems such as DOT.

DOT is the common name for hydraulic fluids, derived from the Department Of Transportation, the organization that sets requirements for this type of fluid used in the automotive manufacturing process. 

Industrial assembly standards and vehicle safety require the use of a special process to charge DOT fluid into the hydraulic brake system. Brakes are one of the most important components of a vehicle in terms of safety and protecting the lives of drivers.

Leybold has developed several vacuum pumps to meet the specific requirements of the DOT filling process:

  • Our double-stage TRIVAC, filled with DOT as the operating fluid
  • Our single-stage SOGEVAC, filled with DOT as the operating fluid
  • Our dry screw pump, the VARODRY OEM HD/O2

Challenges and various technical aspects of handling DOT are met through our SOGEVAC and TRIVAC pumps which provide numerous benefits and meet the requirements for maintaining DOT fluids to ensure proper pumping performance during the brake system filling process.

The dry screw pump provides an additional benefit with a bit more complexity in terms of pump design, however, it doesn't require fluid changes. Dry screw vacuum pumps like VARODRY OEM HD/O2 are next-generation vacuum solutions that enable automotive assembly lines to reduce maintenance, increase reliability and become more sustainable.

Both of Leybold's solutions for the DOT filling process, including our rotary vane DOT flooded pumps and dry screw pumps, are built with special materials that allow for vacuum pump compatibility with DOT fluid while preventing unnecessary chemical reactions with pump components.

Assembly lines in the automotive industry rely on vacuum technology at various stages:

  1. Vacuum for pick and place of body components such as windshields, doors, engine compartment covers, and roofs must safely move with suction forces. CLAWVAC and VACUBE vacuum pumps are a perfect fit for this application.

  2. Vacuum for fluid filling systems to charge closed circuits of hoses in hydraulic lines, air conditioning systems, brake fluid DOT, and cooling systems. SOGEVAC or TRIVAC with DOT as the working liquid is the industry standard for brake fluid filling systems. VARODRY OEM HD/O2 is a dry screw vacuum pump that enables the brake filling system to be free of liquids, requires less maintenance, and saves resources such as energy and working liquids.

  3. Vacuum for fluid preconditioning to remove diluted gas bubbles from liquids before they are charged into car systems. SOGEVAC, TRIVAC, or VARODRY OEM could be perfect for this process. Equipped with proper filtration, vacuum pumps by Leybold are proven technology for this application.

  4. Vacuum for leak testing for hermetically tightness of internal closed loops of the car before liquid is charged. Leak testing is one of the most critical tests in the R&D steps of designing car components, especially for components that are critical for gas tightness. Dry vacuum pumps like VARODRY OEM or double-stage TRIVAC are proven solutions for this application.

Leybold vacuum pumps are reliable vacuum solutions for the automotive assembly industry. The proven track record of the use of vacuum pumps in various applications in the automotive world has elevated Leybold to an industry leader through hands-on experience and the passionate application of products to fulfill customer needs at an expert level.

Check brake fluid

Check brake fluid

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Radiator reservoir tank

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Close up of a brake fluid reservoir cap

Modern technology of Assembly of cars

Modern technology of Assembly of cars

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