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Active Pressure Sensors

Precision vacuum gauging

Capacitance vacuum gauges

Direct, gas independent measurement techniques

To provide high levels of accuracy and fast response times in any environment

Mainly used within large installations, these gauges are predominantly integrated directly into a PLC via their 0-10 V output (or optional 4-20 mA output on the DI/DU range).

For smaller installations, such as R&D usage, they remain compatible with our active gauge controllers.

CERAVAC CTR capacitance vacuum gauge

Offering years of reliable performance.

Their high accuracy, fast response times, and robust ceramic diaphragm, make them unbeatable for measurements between 1000 and 1 x 10-4 mbar (1 x 10-5 Torr).

CERAVAC Capacitance Manometer

DI/DU Piezo resistive/capacitive vacuum gauge

A cost efficient alternative, suitable for dirty or damp environments.

Still offering high levels of accuracy and very robust sensors, they measure from 2000 mbar (1500Torr) to 0.1 mbar/torr. 

Active Pressure Sensors
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