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Penning and cold cathode gauges


Industry leading accuracy, reproducibility, and reliability in the most compact size make these gauges suitable for building into tight systems, and for use in critical applications.

The active PENNINGVAC series (PTR 90/225) utilize low ionization currents to increase the gauges service intervals in harsh applications. This coupled with the ultra-low turn on pressure enabled in the combined sensor leads to a sensor suitable across a wide range of applications requiring rough to high vacuum measurement. 

Options include various serial interfaces and programmable setpoint relays, making it an ideal transmitter for control systems. We offer various accessory baffles that can be used to prevent line of sight contamination instead of Elbow joints.


Pure cold cathode gauges

Our pure cold cathode gauges use the Penning principle of cold cathode ionisation. 

Their measuring range of 10-2 to 10-9 enables you to measure into the high vacuum region. 

To control the turning on of the gauge, it would be best combined with one of our THERMOVAC or CERAVAC gauges. By separating out the technology, you have the option to decide how you want to control the gauges turn on point. 

As with most of our active gauges: we have both analogue 0-10 V linear outputs and digital communications available. 



Combined cold cathode gauges

Our combined cold cathode gauges use the inverted magnetron principle of cold cathode ionization and is combined with a pirani gauge. 

By combining the technologies into a single sensor, the measuring range is increased: this enables pressure measurement from atmosphere to 5 x 10-9

The turning on/off of the cold cathode is controlled automatically by the integrated pirani, eliminating any risk of running the cold cathode at too high a pressure which could lead to a reduced lifespan. 

Both analogue 0-10v linear outputs and digital communications are available.


The PENNINGVAC PR series is our passive gauge offering utilising cold cathode technology. 

Whereas the PTR lines utilise Inverted Magnetron technology, the PR series uses the Penning principle.

These gauges have a long history within Leybold servicing the R&D and industrial markets for over 15 years. Its rugged titanium cathode plates improve reliability of measurements. 

When combined with a THERMOVAC TR gauge and our COMBIVAC CM 51 controller, you have a contained measuring system able to operate in highly irradiated environments without issues. 

  • Longer lifetime due to low cold cathode turn on pressure and being insensitive to Air inrush/vibration 
  • Pressure measurement from atmosphere to e-9mbar/torr independent of mounting position 
  • Ease of serviceability by modular design of the cold cathode  
  • Automatic zeroing of pirani element during pump down cycle for improved accuracy  
  • LED ring to indicate status of the sensor  
  • Analogue or digital communication interfaces 
Active vacuum measurement gauges
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