Designed from the ground up to be robust, reliable and compact!

These gauges are accurate and have a small, compact footprint. They are packed with cutting edge technologies taking them to even higher levels when it comes to measuring vacuum.

The active PENNINGVAC series PTR 90/225 RN utilize multiple enhancements to increase the gauges service intervals in harsh applications. This coupled with the ultra-low turn on pressure enabled in the combined sensor leads to a sensor suitable across a wide range of applications requiring rough to high vacuum measurement. 

  • Options include various serial interfaces and programmable setpoint relays, making it an ideal transmitter for controlling systems. 
  • The all adaptive LED light ring allows you to understand the live status of your gauge without having to connect it to a readout or controller.
  • Experience amplified versatility with an extended tube design compatible with C-clamps.

PENNINGVAC PTR 225 RN: Pure cold cathode

Our cold cathode gauges use the PENNING principle of cold cathode ionization.

Their measuring range of 10-2 to 10-9 enables you to measure into the high vacuum region. 

To control the turning on of the gauge, it would be best combined with one of our THERMOVAC or CERAVAC gauges. By separating out the technology, you have the option to decide how you want to control the gauges turn on point. 

As with most of our active gauges: we have both analogue 0-10 V linear outputs and digital communications available. 


PENNINGVAC PTR 90 RN: Combined cold cathode gauges

Our combined cold cathode gauges use the inverted magnetron principle of cold cathode ionization and is combined with a pirani gauge. 

By combining the technologies into a single more compact sensor, the measuring range is increased enabling a reliable pressure measurement from atmosphere to 1 x 10-9. 

The on/off function of the cold cathode is controlled automatically by the integrated pirani, seamlessly eliminating any risk of running the cold cathode at too high a pressure which could lead to a reduced lifespan. 

Both analogue 0-10v linear outputs and digital communications are available.


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