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Vacuum Lifting / Pick & Place

Vacuum solutions for vacuum lifting / pick & place

Many production steps use “the power of vacuum” for handling and lifting various type of goods which can be as different as carboards, sheets of steel, potato chips or cement bags, glass panels….

Thanks to suction cups, and creation of a pressure difference, a powerful force (approximately 1 kg/cm²) is generated which allows to move, lift, or transport objects and supply materials to production processes.

Lifting can also take place on electronic components at very high speed, we then speak about Pick and Place.

Central vacuum systems using our VACUBE or SOGEVAC offers many benefits for Pick & place and vacuum lifting application as they can support several working stations form the same location.

Customer wishing oil free solution can also select our NOVADRY NDi  and CLAWVAC CPi dry pump systems. 

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