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Back-up Service Agreement

Back-up on demand

Why is back-up essential?

Back-up is necessary to ensure continuity. And when it comes to production, back-up assumes vital proportions. A back-up vacuum pump, for instance, can ensure minimum downtime and thereby maintain the sanctity of your production deadline. Since back-up vacuum pumps can make a world of difference to your production, we provide you with proven Leybold refurbished vacuum pumps.

Our exhaustive range of refurbished pumps has been put in place to cater to your specifications, round the clock. Scoring high on quality, our back-up pumps are completely functional from the get-go.  This is ensured by subjecting every single pump to a through overhauling process that includes decontamination/cleaning, extensive inspection, exchange of all wear parts, reconditioning for new-pump performance and painting.

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What’s more, our refurbished products feature the same basic material, like oil for example, as our new products. As a result, you can make the most of the price-performance ratio that is the hallmark of our highly reliable products. These completely remanufactured Leybold products come with a 12-month warranty. Short deliver time means less downtime, too.

The Back-up Service Agreement guarantees:

24/7 exclusive access to the predefined and well-maintained pumps.

Fixed price service with a monthly fee over the contract duration.

Zero initial capital investment and depreciation costs.

Zero storage and footprint allocation at your premises.

12-month warranty.

Hassle-free insurance arrangement.

Every product runs through the following overhauling process before being stored:

Decontamination/ cleaning Reconditioning to original manufacturer standard level Extensive inspection and testing New painting Exchange of all wear parts and consumables using genuine spare parts Warranty on the complete unit
Line - Red.

Go for the Back-up Service Agreement and enjoy higher return on investment along with complete peace of mind.  

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