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TiTan Ion Pumps

Ultra high vacuum pumps

TiTan ion pumps, NEG pumps and TSPs

Leybold has incorporated Gamma products into its product portfolio which allows for equipping UHV applications. 

This enables us not only to measure ultra-high vacuum pressures, but also to provide them and take advantage of ion pump properties like the superior hydrogen pumping speed as well as hydrocarbon-free and vibration-free vacuum.

As a full supplier we support and service Gamma products around the globe.

Gamma Vacuum specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of ion and titanium sublimation pumps as well as NEG pumps and their combinations, serving customers across a diverse range of scientific applications, including R&D and High Energy Physics.

The company provides solutions for any UHV application; comprising ion pumps, non-evaporable getter (NEG) pumps, titanium sublimation pumps (TSP) and their respective controllers.
All the equipment, including the necessary high-voltage or high-current cables, are manufactured at Gamma Vacuum, Shakopee, USA.

Gamma Vacuum also provides pump combinations such as ion pumps with integrated NEG pumps. Their electronics department develops and produces the broadest controller range, with smart controllers that can operate ion pumps that easily fit into your pocket, up to powerful controllers capable of operating several ion pumps that would not fit into your car.

Besides off-the-shelf products, Gamma Vacuum customizes its products to a huge degree. 

TiTan ion pumps, NEG pumps and TSPs

Pump systems for ultra-high vacuum

A full range of vibration-free and maintenance-free TiTan ion pumps, titanium sublimation pumps (TSP) and non-evaporable getter (NEG) pumps to achieve best ultimate pressures in the ultra-high vacuum.

  • High pumping speed at ultra high vacuum
  • Hydrocarbon-free vacuum
  • Long operating time
  • Complete solutions
  • Pumping speed 0.2 - 1,200 l/s
  • Ultimate pressure < 1 x 10-11 mbar
NEG Pumps

NEG Pumps

Various TiTan pump elements for different requirements:

  • TiTan CV with titanium cathodes for pumping air and reactive gases
  • TiTan DI for pumping air and reactive gases, noble-gas stable (titanium and tantalum cathodes)
  • TiTan TR - classic triode for higher pumping speed in high pressure ranges, noble gas stable
  • A broad variety of NEG pumps and TSPs for either separate use or integrated into TiTan ion pumps
  • TiTan, NEG and TSP components are bakeable up to 450 °C
  • Wide range of accessories
  • DIGITEL controller models for operation of ion pumps,
  • TSPs and NEGs in diverse applications and configurations
  • High Vacuum cables are available to connect your controller and ion pump
TSP Filament Cartridge

TSP Filament Cartridge

Digital Ion Pump Controllers

Manage single or multiple Ion, NEG or TSP vacuum pumps with a range of controllers.

Designed to ensure steady voltage levels, range of integration protocols, and easy to use interface, these controllers will ensure your vacuum pump/s are running at their peak performance and efficiency.

  • DIGITEL SPCe small pump controller manage a single ion pumps up to 75 l/s
  • DIGITEL QPC Quad pump controller for manage up to 4 ion pumps up to 100 l/s
  • DIGITEL MPCq Multiple pump controller control up to 4 large ion pumps with high current demands
  • TSP controller manage up to 2 TSP pumps (or x 6 TSP filaments)
DIGITEL QPC Quad pump controller

DIGITEL QPC Quad pump controller

DIGITEL MPCq Multiple pump controller

DIGITEL MPCq Multiple pump controller

UHV (ultra-high vacuum) Accessories

These range of accessories are the perfect fit for your UHV (ultra-high vacuum) pump. Reliable and made to the highest specifications, they have been designed to ensure you get the most out of your vacuum system.

  • High Voltage Cables – tailormade to fit a wide range of vacuum applications, 100% built inhouse
  • TSP Cables – Robust, durable and reliable our titanium-sublimination-pump cable are designed for long lasting use
  • Splitter Box – divide the power supply to an ion/NEG pump for simultaneous operation
  • TSP Shroud – replaceable shrouds with large active surface for enhanced pumping speeds
TSP Cable

TSP Cable