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certified pumps

Certified pumps

Desired performance at a lower investment

A cost-effective and reliable approach

Is the health of your vacuum pump eating into your profit? It shouldn’t. Yes, we understand vacuum pump performance is one of the most important parameters of production. Yes, we know you are always concerned about maintaining peak vacuum pump performance. We are fully aware of your needs. This is the reason we provide our certified pumps.

With certified units comes the assurance of quality, reliability, and performance. And no, the certified units do not burn a hole in your pocket. Costing less than a new vacuum pump, they deliver the same performance. You get the most value out of them at a lower investment. Our certified units, overhauled at our fully equipped facilities, help expand pumping capacity or replace existing equipment. Our professional factory-trained service technicians use genuine Leybold spare parts to refurbish the units.

Certified Pumps

The salient features of the certified pumps include

Fully refurbished featuring genuine spare parts and tested to industry standards by qualified technicians at one of our Service Technology Centers (STCs) Wide range of refurbished units stocked for sale Short delivery time and guaranteed performance with zero risk Warranty on the complete unit up to 1 year

Every product runs through the following overhauling process before being stored

Exchange of all wear parts and consumables using genuine spare parts Reconditioning to original manufacturer standard level Decontamination/ cleaning Extensive inspection and testing New painting

Go for the Back-up Service Agreement and ensure production continuity without feeling the heat of capital or running cost. 

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Where to find and buy the spare parts and vacuum pump kit for my vacuum pump?

Vacuum pump repair kits of high quality, vacuum pump spare parts and oil filters for the different pump models and a wide range of applications

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LEYBONOL Vacuum pump oil

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Which oil is compatible with my vacuum pump?

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