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Portable and mechanical vacuum gauging

Portable and mechanical vacuum gauging

Further to our more traditional vacuum gauges, we also offer a range of portable and mechanical vacuum gauges. 

THERMOVAC TM 101 & PIEZOVAC PV 101 portable vacuum gauges

Vacuum measurement isn’t all about system monitoring. Another key area is in spot checking performance, whether this is checking that ultimate pressure of a pump is being reached after service, or spot checking a system pressure. 

Portable gauges, such as the PIEZOVAC PV 101 (1200 to 0.1 mbar) and the THERMOVAC TM 101 (1200 to 5 x 10-4 mbar) are self contained units, featuring the gauge head, a screen, and battery power enabling pressure measurement away from traditional power sources. There is also an optional software package allowing to directly data log the output of the gauge to do quick pump down monitoring, or pressure rise leak tests. 

THERMOVAC - Handheld Gauge

BOURDONVAC, DIAVAC, and capsule vacuum gauge

For rough vacuum measurements with simple, clear and instant display of pressure, mechanical dial gauges are perfectly adequate. These have no electronics, and operate on a dial being moved by the flexing of a diaphragm to indicate pressure. Available in different types, these can often be found on devices requiring simple indication of a level of vacuum, rather than precise vacuum readings. They are available with either atmosphere or 100 mbar (75Torr) as the full scale. 

We have three distinct ranges, the BOURDONVAC, DIAVAC, and capsule vacuum gauge which all have their own distinct way of measuring pressure, and therefore their own advantages.


Pressure switches

For those simply wanting a trigger at predetermined levels, we have a range of pressure switches that give an electrical signal when a certain pressure threshold is crossed. On top of this we also have pressure regulators and valves which can adapt the pumping speed of your system to give a consistent level of vacuum.

MR 50 Diaphragm pressure regulator