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Oil degassing/ purification/drying

For critical oil treatment processes, explore Leybold’s reliable products that provide efficiency and ensures transformer functionality.

Vacuum pumps for oil degassing, purification and drying

Transformer oil is a critical component to work as an electrical insulator between the high-voltage components inside the transformer and all other parts. Next to this it acts as a coolant to dissipate the heat generated during the operation of the transformer.

The challenges

All kinds of oil can trap significant amounts of humidity over time by getting in contact with humid air. With rising humidity content, the insulating functionality of the oil is degrading. To maintain transformer oil’s electrical properties, a regular vacuum drying and degassing is essential to remove the trapped humidity and other dissolved gases. Regular testing and maintenance of the oil's quality are essential to ensure transformer functionality.

What we recommend

While most installations globally use oil-sealed rotary-vane vacuum pumps, combined with Roots pumps for both in-house and on-site transformer oil dehydration and degassing, we see - especially for mobile systems - an increasing demand for dry pumps. They are more tolerant against vapor ingress, even if not perfectly operated and thereby offer a higher reliability. Leybold has a proven line of oil-sealed products plus our well-established dry screw vacuum pumps for this need. Our air-cooled dry pumps of the VARODRY or SCREWLINE families are perfect for mobile use.

Mobile transformer oil pumping and purification system

Mobile transformer oil pumping and purification system

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