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Leybold Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology Wiki

Understand how vacuum pumps work with an overview of the main subjects relating to vacuum technology, including an introduction to the fundamental physics involved.

The forefront of vacuum technology

Leybold is at the forefront of vacuum technology. We recognize this as not only a challenge, but also as a responsibility with respect to our customers.  

Partnership-like customer relationships are a fundamental component of our corporate culture. So too are our continual investments in research and development, serving as the foundation for new technological standards and innovations. In the course of our corporate history since 1850, we have accumulated a comprehensive process and application know-how in the area of vacuum technology.  

Our Fundamentals of Vacuum knowledge pages aim to provide an overview covering the entire area of vacuum technology. The presented diagrams and product data promote a deeper understanding of the underlying technological functions. However, they are not a warranty of product properties.  

Learn the basic operating principles of various pump types across all vacuum ranges. Discover the principles of vacuum measurement and gain an insight into the functionality of mass spectrometers. Find various methods of leak detection as well as the basic maintenance requirements of vacuum pumps.

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Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology 

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Vacuum symbols

A glossary of symbols commonly used in vacuum technology diagrams as a visual representation of pump types and parts in pumping systems



Glossary of units

An overview of measurement units used in vacuum technology and what the symbols stand for, as well as the modern equivalents of historical units



References and sources

References, sources and further reading related to the fundamental knowledge of vacuum technology



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