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Lamp production

Providing full line vacuum pumps for all sorts of traditional lamp production.

Offering a range of suitable fore and high vacuum pumps for lamp production

From the first industrial applications in the production of light bulbs over 100 years ago until today, Leybold has reinvented itself again and again to adapt to the requirements of the global market. Today, vacuum technology has become indispensable in many applications. Users can be found in all industrialized regions throughout the world, and we continue to work towards maintaining the position of market leader in this industry.

Unlike the currently popular LED lights, the working principles of all sorts of traditional lamps contain a bulb or tube (Tungsten lamp, fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, etc.) that requires evacuation during the production stage. The lamp volume either remains constant under such vacuum or is recharged with special gases. Evacuation by vacuum pump is a necessary step in the production process, and is closely related to the quality of products.

The required vacuum level depends on the type of lamp. Most often, evacuating to the pressures in the 10-2 to 10-3 mbar range is needed, but some technologies require an even lower pressure range (higher vacuum).

Leybold offers numerous types of suitable fore and high vacuum pumps in their product portfolio. Typically, oil-sealed, two-stage rotary vane pumps are used. Here we have the robust “work horse”, the TRIVAC B, the cost effective TRIVAC T and the compact NEO D with integrated exhaust filtration available. We also offer a full line of mechanical and magnetic levitated turbo-molecular pumps (TMP) with ability to achieve the high vacuum required.

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