SCROLLVAC plus - Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps

For use across a wide spectrum of applications

Flexible, robust, simple!

The dry vacuum pumps of the SCROLLVAC plus family operate on the principle of a scroll compressor.

A scroll pump consists of two engaged spiral forms. One scroll form is mounted eccentrically to the other and is made to move in an orbiting path relative to the fixed scroll. This creates crescent shaped volumes that are driven from the outside to the inside of the forms thereby pumping the gas.

  • Increased pumping speed combined with low ultimate pressures, low power consumption and low noise levels. 
  • Gas ballast allows for pumping of condensable vapors including water, solvents, dilute acids, and bases. 
  • Latest in tip seal technology: allows for significantly longer intervals between tip seal changes.
  • Integrated smart drive with auto sensing voltage input, delivers optimized pumping performance globally.
  • Designed to be field serviceable. 
  • ATEX certified to meet the requirements of group II category 3 equipment (ATEX II 3 G c IIB T4 internal).
  • CE, CSA/UL approved.

A great choice for general laboratories, light industrial and research applications, as well as certain chemical applications - we'll guide you to define your matching partner.

Check out the advantages!

Addressing a wide range of applications

From general labs to research.

Flexibility and choice are essential when selecting the right dry vacuum pump solution for your application.

With SCROLLVAC plus you can choose the pumping speed to best meet your specific requirements.

The design of the SCROLLVAC plus separates the bearing mechanism from the pumping mechanism. This means the scroll forms provide clean, dry, lubricant-free pumping. At the same time the bearings operate in a benign atmospheric environment which contributes to the longevity of the pump.

A simple to operate gas ballast enables the pump to effectively cope with vapor loads as well as gas loads. The gas ballast adapter accessory allows the introduction of inert gasses, either at full or reduced gas ballast flow.

SCROLLVAC plus can be connected to an exhaust line: where this is not available an exhaust silencer may be fitted.

Easy to operate and to maintain

  • This oil-free scroll vacuum pump is designed to be simple to operate whether manually or via remote control (SCROLLVAC 7 to 18 plus models).
  • Long service intervals make the SCROLLVAC plus an almost “fit and forget” solution.
  • When it’s time to change the tip seal: you can do this quickly and easily.

A positive environmental impact

SCROLLVAC plus is an oil-free dry vacuum pump. This means there is no need to dispose of used oil.

The smart drive on SCROLLVAC 7 to 18 plus also contributes to lowering the pump’s power consumption, making it environmentally friendly.

Quiet: immediate improvement for your workspace!

Low noise levels of below 55 dB(A) make for a pleasant workplace or laboratory environment where you can perfectly have a normal conversation.

Low cost of ownership

Its long service interval and low power consumption from a single sided scroll arrangement make the SCROLLVAC plus a perfect investment for the longer term.

SCROLLVAC 7 to 18 plus: several options to match your needs!

The standard SCROLLVAC plus variants have been designed to meet most general applications. 

The SCROLLVAC C plus variant has been designed for more aggressive applications: where the potential deterioration of the internal parts due to corrosion needs to be seriously considered.

In combination with suitable purge gas flows the SCROLLVAC C plus models can be configured to handle corrosive solvents and chemicals. They come with:

  • Chemical resistant exhaust check valve and gas ballast valve
  • Stainless steel inlet and exhaust flanges
  • Conversion kits are available if you need to upgrade your standard variant.

For specific applications such as gas recovery or recirculation we offer a no-gas ballast version in order to reduce the potential for accidental leakage.

Our three-phase versions have no active electronics which makes them suitable for radiation environments.


SCROLLVAC 3/3S plus: superior performance in a compact package

The SCROLLVAC 3/3S plus extends the Leybold range of scroll pumps, combining high pumping speed with good ultimate vacuum in a compact, flexible, quiet, and reliable package.

It is as easy to use as it is to integrate in your laboratory setting. As such, it offers a clean alternative to oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and an ideal dry solution for backing the TURBOVAC i range of turbomolecualr pumps.

With its high build quality and outstanding performance the SCROLLVAC 3 and SCROLLVAC 3S plus are ideally suited to smaller-scale laboratories and R&D applications.

Just fit and forget!

Oil-free operation means longer service intervals and overall lower total cost of ownership. Unlike oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, all you have to do is replace the tip seal of your SCROLLVAC 3S plus every couple of years. Which you can easily do yourself.

Flexible installation

The SCROLLVAC 3S plus can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, if required. Optional mounting brackets and base plates make it even easier to attach the pump to any structure.

Quiet efficiency

The SCROLLVAC 3 plus and SCROLLVAC 3S plus are optimized for low vibration and quiet operation.

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