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Composing RUVAC WA WAU V2


Roots blower

Proven technology for your applications

Leybold RUVAC WA /WAU roots blower are secondary pumps equipped with flange-mounted air-cooled standard three phase motors for flexibility and are excellent for atmospheric pump down applications owing to its integrated equalization line and the bypass valve.

RUVAC WA / WAU roots blowers are equipped with radial shaft sealing rings made of FPM (FKM) (fluor polymer) for longer service intervals. RUVAC WAU roots blowers have an additional integrated pressure equalization line and a differential pressure bypass valve. These blowers are supplied with a vertical pumping flow as a standard but can be changed to horizontal flow if required.

RUVAC WA / WAU being dry roots blowers are environmentally friendly as well as air cooled saving costly water usage/disposal as well as water circuit maintenance costs. RUVAC WA / WAU have proven reliability and performance in many applications such as heat treatment, food packaging, and freeze drying.

User advantages

Two air-cooled lines WA/WAU, each with four pump sizes

Flexibility with custom motors for special voltages and explosion proof compliance

Variants with ATEX Cat.3i/o available, All WA(U) pumps comply as a standard with ATEX Cat. 3i

Easy maintenance and replacement of shaft sealing rings

Integrated pressure equalization line for protection against overloading at high pressures on WAU models

Conversion from vertical to horizontal flow onsite

Roots Vacuum Pumps

Supplied equipment

  • Mineral oil LVO 100 is used as standard lubricant
  • Gasket in the intake flange equipped with dirt sieve
  • The required lubricant filling is included in separate bottles

Reliable and trouble-free vacuum

RUVAC WA/WAU roots blower is a standard equipment in the architectural glass coating industry. Combined with established oil sealed SOGEVAC pumps or DRYVAC pumps, they deliver the shortest pump down time at the load lock chambers. Combined with the dry compressing DRYVAC and SCREWLINE pumps, they assure a dry, reliable and trouble-free vacuum at the process chambers.

Fast cycle time

RUVAC WA/WAU roots blower is used in many applications to achieve the shortest possible cycle times. Wherever fast evacuations are important, for example in supporting load lock chambers or in high-speed food packaging.

High pumping speed at low pressures

RUVAC WA/WAU roots blower quickly reaches a pressure of less than 10-3 mbar for thin film coating applications, prior to the vapor deposition processes or degassing electrolytes for Lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes.

Achieve large capacity

RUVAC WA/WAU blowers deliver the capacities required for large production processes such as silicon monocrystal pulling to manufacture the basic material for semiconductors and solar cells. We would be pleased to offer you our extensive product and applications support and know-how.

WA / WAU 251
WA / WAU 501
WA / WAU 1001
WA / WAU 2001
Nominal pumping speed (50 Hz) m3 · h-1 253 505 1000 2050
Rotational speed (50/60 Hz) min-1 3000/3600 3000/3600 3000/3600 3000/3600
Motor power kW ≤ 1.1 ≤ 2.2 ≤ 4.0 7.5
Max. permissible pressure difference mbar 80 80 80 50
Connection flanges   DN 63 PN6 DN 63 PN6 DN 100 PN6 DN 160 PN6

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  • For oil-free compression of gases and vapors in combination with a backing pump
  • Ideal for short cycle pumping processes
  • Capable of handling large quantities of gas and vapor
  • Load lock applications
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