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Vacuum gauge and pump controllers

Looking to power, display and control the gauges in your vacuum system?

We offer a range of different controllers so that you can select the right level of functionality for your application.

Active and passive gauge controllers

GRAPHIX: active gauge controller

High-end gauge controller for up to three active vacuum gauges.

Displays the status of each gauge via a large touchscreen. With digital and analogue outputs, alongside relay control: a great way to centralize the pressure readings from your system. 

DISPLAY: active gauge controller

A simple solution to display pressure for up to three active gauges.

For those not needing a high level of functionality.

TURBO.CONTROLi: TURBOVAC i and active gauge controller

Controller for the TURBOVAC i range as well as our active gauges

As all vacuum systems require vacuum gauging to measure and monitor performance, we have integrated pressure and pump control into one controller.

COMBIVAC: passive gauge controller

Easy integration into large facilities.

Able to control two passive Pirani gauges and a passive cold or hot cathode gauge. 

IONIVAC: passive gauge controller

For applications requiring to connect two passive hot cathode gauges.

Mostly when one needs to measure into UHV pressures, where venting should be avoided.

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