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Industrial dry vacuum pumps

Dry Vacuum Technology is the newer approach to achieve a high degree of vacuum efficiency for improved productivity while reducing the environmental impact as compared with using the legacy liquid pump technology. Essentially, dry vacuum technology is a non-contact, non-wear design that doesn’t rely on sealing fluids or lubricants to create and maintain desired vacuum levels. Therefore, eliminating or reducing the elements required to keep the 50-year-old technology operating. In modern industrial manufacturing, dry vacuum pumps can help to reduce the cost of ownership, facilitate better working conditions and improve the production uptime.

Leybold dry vacuum pumps represent a significant forward leap for various industries, both in terms of operational efficiency and increased production output. The advent of this technology has enabled several industry operations to dramatically reduce equipment cycle times, increase productivity and output.

In addition to a faster and more efficient operation, dry vacuum pumps also have significantly lower maintenance needs and a longer lifespan. The Leybold dry vacuum pumps are designed to be compact, quiet, and cool.

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