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One of the most challenging polymer coatings for vacuum pumps

Parylene coating is a revolutionary process that involves applying a thin, uniform and pinhole-free polymer film onto various substrates. This coating offers exceptional protection against moisture, chemicals and other environmental factors, making it an ideal choice for various industrial products including:

  • Moisture barriers
  • Barrier layers
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Sensors designed for harsh environments
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reinforcement of micro-structures
  • Shielding plastic, rubber and other materials

Parylene coating depositing under vacuum conditions with pyrolysis of parylene powder in the reactor. During the deposition process, parylene vapors and radicals can condense inside the vacuum pump and form layers,  interacting with all internal surfaces and liquids.

Leybold offers specialized vacuum pumps designed to effectively manage challenging Parylene vapors during the deposition process. Leveraging Leybold's team expertise and extensive application experience, we can address the unique requirements of customers using Parylene coating systems. Our solutions are tailored to ensure optimal performance and reliability in handling Parylene vapors throughout the deposition process.

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