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UNIVEX coating systems

The UNIVEX systems range is well established for experimental coating and thin film deposition applications in university and industrial research as well as pilot production.

Thin film vacuum coating products

The Leybold UNIVEX coating family varies from:

  • Box coating systems
  • Glove box systems
  • Dactyloscopy systems
  • Cluster tools as well as customized solutions

UNIVEX coating products are highly sophisticated systems which cover most of our customer needs thanks to their modular design. 

Our UNIVEX systems are equipped with vacuum components made by Leybold. These pump systems are well considered to fit for the respective chamber size and application. Leybold has a wide range of backing pumps, which can be dry or oil-sealed. Any high vacuum pump could be attached e.g. turbomolecular or cryogenic pump. 

The main purpose is to provide a reliable vacuum environment for customers' physical vapor deposition (PVD) process of thin film coating. The system's process equipment can consist of evaporation sources (thermal, e-beam, or organic), sputtering sources, a range of substrate treatment (e.g. heating, cooling) and much more.

We customize any of these systems to your specific needs.