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What is vacuum technology?

Let's start with a little fact

If we could enlarge the smallest air particle in a vacuum state to the size of a basketball, the distance to the next particle would be 5 meters. And in between these particles exists absolutely nothing.

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The Leybold brand is part of the Atlas Copco Brand Portfolio and is a pioneer in Vacuum Technology. Leybold belongs to the Vacuum Technique Business Area, which is one of the four Business Areas in Atlas Copco Group. The Atlas Copco Group is a global industrial company based in Stockholm, Sweden, with approximately 50,000 colleagues and customers in more than 180 countries. 

What is vacuum used for?

Did you know, vacuum plays an important role in our modern lives? It's essential to the production of many advanced consumer products such as smartphones and laptops, medicines, chemicals, and cars every day.

Vacuum is also needed in many challenging applications from the production of power and steel, food processing, and packaging, to the ultra-high vacuum requirements of space simulation or high-energy physics research.

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Vacuum technology and its multiple applications

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