Liqiud Hydrogen renewable energy in vessel - LH2 hydrogen gas for clean sea transportation on container ship with composite cryotank for cryogenic gases. 3d rendering.

Cryo Vessel Production

Vacuum solutions for Cryo vessel production, LNG / LH2 storage and transportation

Vacuum expertise for every step of cryo vessel production

More and more, industrial gases such as Hydrogen (LH2), Natural Gas (LNG), Nitrogen (LIN) and Oxygen (LOX) are transported or stored in liquid form at cryogenic temperatures. For this, highly-insulated cryo vessels are necessary. The pressure ratings and sizes of these cryo vessels have been standardized in accordance with the requirements of distribution logistics and customer demands.

Today’s standard for cryo vessel insulation is the vacuum-insulated double-wall technology which demonstrates the best properties for keeping the liquid gases inside the cryo vessel cold and minimizing heat-transfer from ambient temperatures.

Leybold offers a proven portfolio of vacuum products for the production of cryo vessels in addition to longstanding experience in this industry.


Close up, hand hold Perlite, potting cactus and succulent material.

Perlite powder

Vacuum is very important in cryogenic transportation and storage systems

The final vacuum level achieved inside the double wall influences the insulating efficiency. The lower the final vacuum, the higher the thermal insulation of the vessel. Standard required vacuum levels are 0.001 mbar for MLI Super insulation or 0.05 mbar for standard Perlite insulation.

Application challenges for the vacuum pump systems include:

  • Pumping of water vapor
  • Perlite powder ingression into the vacuum pump system
  • Organic vapors outgassing from the MLI super insulation

Leybold is extremely familiar with all these challenges, and they can be overcome with the existing Leybold Vacuum pump line. Production-proven solutions are possible with oil-sealed rotary-vane pumps from the TRIVAC or SOGEVAC line, as well as with dry-compressing screw pumps from the VARODRY, SCREWLINE and DRYVAC families, if higher levels of robustness are requested. Those fore-vacuum pumps are typically used in combination with RUVAC Roots pumps.

Additionally, Leybold offers robust high vacuum pumps such as its TURBOVAC Turbomolecular pumps and the DIP Diffusion pump. To check the airtightness of the cryo vessel, we manufacture PHOENIX leak detectors, and we also offer all the required accessories such as gauges and fittings.

If you’re looking for a complete solution that’s “Ready for Operation”, we can design, construct and manufacture a system solution according to customer demands.


Liquid gas cryo vessel

Liquid gas cryo vessel

Our vacuum expertise - your advantage

We offer the perfect solution for Cryo Vessel production processes. Depending on specific and individual customer requirements, various pump types and specially-designed pump system solutions are available or can be customized according to the customer’s specifications.

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