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Display and operating instruments for active sensors


High-end active gauge controller

Operating units for active sensors

To integrate the active sensors within system controllers additional display and operating instruments are needed. These provide the transmitters with the necessary supply voltage or to locally display the measured values. For such applications Leybold offers different instruments. The basic DISPLAY line and the advanced GRAPHIX line are designed each for a broad range of applications. 

GRAPHIX series

The GRAPHIX vacuum controllers are universal controllers for the connection of active vacuum sensors for direct pressure measurements in the range of 10-10  mbar to 2000 mbar. This covers pressure reading and control for the majority of vacuum processes it can be used in multiple applications. 

These active gauge controllers are universal 1, 2, or 3 channel displays and operating units with persistent display of all measurement channels, suited for the active sensors of the THERMOVAC TTR series, CERAVAC CTR series, linear sensors of the DU series, PENNINGVAC PTR series and IONIVAC ITR series.  

Easy & intuitive

With the GRAPHIX controllers you are able to control your entire vacuum system easily. The operation is held simple with an easy plug & play solution. 

The 3.5” touch screen display with intuitive menu interface and a range graphic display of the measurement data, standard 3 line, large text, charting graph, and large dial. The controller can configure the inputs of each gauge to read in mbar, torr, micron, pascal, or psi and also apply gas correction factors to deliver true pressure readings of the gas dependent gauges. 

Alternate active vacuum gauges can be connected to the controller, you just simply need to enter the voltage scaling and range, and it can then read the output.


The unit is considered universal, with 100-240 V power input enabling easy installation into worldwide systems. With this in mind, the controller can be set with ten languages for easy use by all, including English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and more. The installation of the controller can be either via rack mounting (1/4 19" 3 HU), or simply placed on a benchtop. 

Analog & digital

The controller has both an analogue and a digital interface (with adjustable baud rate) for integration into your network. It also has on board data logging, with extraction available via front mounted USB port for easy access if the unit is rack mounted. It is also possible to connect further linear vacuum gauges, setting the parameters via the touchscreen interface. 

  • Internal and external data-logging (USB port on the front) for configuration and real-time measurement data  
  • Display range from 1 x 10-10 to 2000 mbar  
  • 3 separate chart recorder outputs 0 to 10 V for each measurement channel (analogue output)  
  • RS 232 C / RS 485 C interface with adjustable baud rate  
  • Display selectable between mbar, torr, micron, pascal or psi  
  • 3.5“ TFT touchscreen display with intuitive user interface , compact installation and benchtop enclosure (1/4 19" 3 HU) 

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