Vacuum systems for efficient steel degassing

Productivity increases in furnace manufacture and metallurgy, which are essentially based on innovations in vacuum technology. The development progress in pump and control technology can significantly increase the economy and safety of processes.

The demands on modern vacuum systems for steel degassing are high. Leybold steel degassing provides robust, efficient and high-performance solutions. Our steel degassing solution is designed to reduce energy consumption in the production of high-quality steel while guaranteeing the required vacuum level.

In their search for potential savings, manufacturers of heat treatment systems look very closely at the energy balance and profitability. This is one of the reasons that we combine various standard pumps to achieve maximum intake requirements at a low cost.

Steam ejector systems have been the standard vacuum systems used for in steel degassers with high tonnage, while mechanical pumps have always been the standard for steel degassers with smaller tonnage.

Even offering high reduction in operation costs, mechanical systems are rarely chosen for these applications, as investment cost are higher and as the market is generally conservative.

User advantages

Highest vacuum up-time by high redundancy

Easy to install - on-site installation possible

Only minor pressure increase in case of one module or one pump is off

The user can help himself, and single pumps can be exchanged in a short time

Lowest power consumption by optimized system design

Lowest space requirement

Easy possibility for later extensions

In case of any pump-failure, at multi-module installations, only one module will be switched off. The residual modules will finish the process!

Vacuum system - safe by design

In keeping with our system philosophy, we select the standard products to achieve an optimum of high intake capacity and low energy consumption. Our three-level system design is similar to a modular kit – with the result that every vacuum system is designed individually to suit the customer's requirements.

This strategic approach ensures that both the components used and the entire system merit the designation safe by design. Furthermore, this also enables us to provide our customers with our extensive range of products and services – from the basic mechanical solution to fully equipped systems with a customized control system, software installation and commissioning.

Our screw pumps can handle the biggest steel degassing challenges

Our screw pumps can handle the biggest steel degassing challenges

  • Dry dust does not accumulate in pump
  • Dust is pushed to pump exhaust
  • Shaft-seals are protected by purge-gas

Vacuum system - safe by design

  • No particulate and carbonate deposition
    • High and constant velocity maintained in inner channels
    • Uniform chamber surface temperature < 60°C
  • No water leak to process possible
    • Cooling channels on the outside of the compression chamber
  • Easy service and cleaning made possible
    • Cleaning of channels by pressurized air
    • Full access to channels

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