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TURBOVAC i series

High vacuum turbomolecular pumps

A modular line of turbomolecular vacuum pumps with pumping speeds from 90 to 1450 l/s.

TURBOVAC i series has hybrid rotor bearings: the bearing on the fore vacuum side is a ceramic ball bearing lubricated for life and the bearing on the high vacuum side is implemented by way of a non-wearing magnetic bearing.  

Typical for all these types of bearings is that they do not require any lubricating oil which under circumstances like standstill of the pump might diffuse back into the vacuum chamber due to the lack of any pumping action. 

Since turbomolecular pumps are not capable of compressing directly against atmospheric pressure their operation will always require a sufficiently rated fore vacuum pump, which we also offer. Depending on flow and ultimate pressure requirements we have different fore-vacuum pumps to suit your systems requirements. 


The TURBOVAC i turbomolecular vacuum pumps are available with two selectable interfaces. The compact standard interface has RS485, USB & Digital I/O interfaces with 3 status LED's and the possibility to control 1 accessory. The Anybus interface is a step up with full field bus support and the option to upgrade to IP54 water & dust ingression resistance.

Hybrid turbomolecular vacuum pump


TURBOVAC iX extends the functionality of your pump enabling it to act as your controller in your vacuum system. The iX range also comes with full communication protocol and fieldbus support. Control up to 6 accessories as well as your backing pump, making these models a true vacuum solution.

Hybrid turbomolecular vacuum pump


The TURBOVAC iR hybrid turbomolecular vacuum pumps have been developed to fulfil the requirements of demanding applications where high ionizing radiation is surrounding while providing the needed vacuum; these pumps a remotely operable at distances of up to 200 m.

TURBOVAC 350 iR connection left

Superior performance

TURBOVAC i turbomolecular pumps have unique pump stages designed to deliver reliable and consistent performance across a range of processes and demanding applications with increased gas flows. 

TURBOVAC i series have been designed to optimize both pumping speed performance and compression ratio. Its wide range of performance varies from 90 to 1450 l/s and includes light gas pumping speed.

Stress-free operation

The TURBOVAC i series is a robust solution against mechanical impact and harsh venting, and thus guarantees system uptime.

This Fit & Forget pump series is user friendly and highly dependable, and the preventative maintenance can be easily undertaken by the end user.

High flexibility

The TURBOVAC i series has variants covering UHV (Ultra High Vacuum), throughput as well as radiation robust options with remote electronics, allowing the operation of the pump at distances up to 200 m with no performance losses. There are also options for air and water cooling. These high vacuum pumps can be installed in any orientation.

Along with single inlet pumps we offer a wealth of multi-inlet, cartridge pumps and customized products via our Customer Focused Engineering team. Please contact us if you are looking for multi-inlet/split flows or a specific derivative for your application.

Higher resistance to particles

One of the TURBOVAC design benefits is their insensitivity against mechanical impacts and harsh venting, which may occur in many industrial type applications.

The TURBOVAC i turbomolecular pumps are certified with protection class IP 40 as standard, this is upgradable to IP54 starting with the TURBOVAC 850 i and larger pumps. These models are better suited for use in particularly harsh environments and are more resistant against water and dust ingression through improved sealing of all components.

Low costs and maintenance

The TURBOVAC i have a unique oil-free hybrid bearing concept with magnetic bearings at the customers application, this ensures maintenance free operation and zero contamination of the process. On the motor side, the lifetime lubricated ceramic ball bearing can be replaced by end customers with our maintenance kits giving a lower cost-of-ownership.

Maintenance of the TURBOVAC 850 i to 1450 i has been further simplified with smart systems which condition the bearing after exchange and warn when a service is imminent. 

Smart interfaces and intuitive software platform

All TURBOVAC models can also be easily controlled, configured, and monitored with our next generation software Leyassist. Leyassist offers a state-of-the-art intuitive software platform which is free to use for all our customers. 

TURBOVAC i pumps are available with a compact interface offering the control of up to two accessories, basic RS485, USB and DIGITAL I/O control. The interface can also be mounted off the pump if required. 

The upgraded interface is IP54 protected to prevent water and dust ingression and includes the intelligent anybus system. This solution offers full field bus support and simplifies integration, with the ability to 2 sensors/gauges or other accessories.

The TURBOVAC iX range also offers the full spectrum of field bus support. The universal connection called "Anybus" enables communication via Profibus, Ethernet IP, ProfiNET as well as EtherCAT through selectable modules.

TURBOVAC iX also offers the Anybus interface, the ability to control your fore vacuum pump and up to 6 accessories, gauge interface turning the pump into a full vacuum control solution.

High resistance against radiations

The new variants of the turbomolecular pump series TURBOVAC iR show a radiation resistance up to 1 MGray. Thanks to this exceptional tolerance against radiations the performance of the TURBOVAC iR pumps is assured and so is the operation of your application.


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