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food and beverage liquid ring

Food Packaging

Leybold vacuum solution for food packaging helps keep the freshness, aroma and flavors intact.

Keeping freshness of your favorite food intact

Food packaging protects food from damage, contamination, spoilage and tampering during transport, storage, and retail sale. Flexible package forms, such as bags, bottles, cans, cartons, and trays, reduce the contents and package volume. When vacuum pumps are used for food packaging, it prevents evaporation of volatile components, protects flavor and texture, and reduces freezer burn by preserving the food from the dry cold air.

Various vacuum packaging methods such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), vacuum packs, skin packaging, thermoforming, are used to increase the shelf life of foods to evacuate air from the package before sealing.

Leybold dry and rotary vacuum solutions for food packaging deliver high pumping performance to improve your packaging throughput. Our low maintenance vacuum pumps deliver higher production uptime of your packaging equipment.

Leybold vacuum pump installations achieve a benchmark low pressure before sealing which has a positive impact on the food shelf life.

Chamber machines

Chamber packaging machines can be table-top, stand alone with single or double chamber, with or without belt conveyor for loading. The resulting product is a vacuum pack and can be used for a wide range of food products (fresh meat, sea food, peanuts….). Our SOGEVAC and NOVADRY pumps deliver optimal performance in terms of cycle time and pressure reached before sealing for a longer shelf life. On larger machines, our clean, dry, compact, silent DRYVAC pump with low thermal profile can be installed as close to the chamber as possible. This set up allows you to eliminate the need of an additional Roots blowers.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Modified Atmosphere packaging using thermoformer or tray sealers requires vacuum pumps for evacuation and gas flushing. When it comes to MAP, nothing is more important than the performance of your packaging equipment in achieving maximum packs per minute. The right vacuum pump will help you achieve this. Our range of SOGEVAC oil sealed pumps with high pumping and low pressure deliver shorter cycle time. Our maintenance free NOVADRY are the perfect fit for packaging red meat as they do not require expensive oxygen compatible oil.


Skin packaging

Skin packaging allows to decrease plastic consumption but also provides a longer shelf life and better food product presentation. This process needs a rather low pressure and the vacuum level reached while heating the skin film is very important. Pump location and distance to the thermoformer or tray sealer plays a major role: the closer, the better. Our range of dry pumps NOVADRY and DRYVAC are clean, extremely compact and are quiet. You can install them directly in the packaging machine or just next to it, giving you the best performance in terms of pressure reached and packs per minute.

Skin Packaging Mondini

Rotary chamber packaging

Rotary packaging machines (carousels) provide the highest throughput of vacuum packs and are typically used for primal meat cuts or big pieces of cheese. Leybold vacuum pump systems based on DRYVAC / RUVAC are a compact solution for your rotary packer. Unlike big oil sealed rotary vane pumps, the DRYVAC/RUVAC systems have a low thermal profile and have quiet operations. This allows you to install them right next to your rotary packer, avoiding unnecessary evacuation of long pipes during each cycle. Your benefit is not only the increase of the packs per minute but also a lower total cost of ownership thanks to reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

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