ECODRY 25/35 plus Dry compressing multi-stage vacuum pump

5 benefits of ECODRY 25/35 plus vacuum pumps for scientific applications

August 26, 2022


The ECODRY plus is a family of dry-compressing multi-stage roots vacuum pumps, setting new standards in terms of:

  • compact size
  • light weighted
  • low power consumption
  • long service intervals (maintenance-free for five years)
  • no particle generation
  • very low noise level in its class

The multi-voltage, high-speed, contact-free pumps with peak pumping speeds of 25 and 35 m3/h have been specially designed for use in applications requiring short pump down times, low noise, low vibration, and no particulate generation such as analytical instruments, research laboratories, and light industrial processes. 

Here are some of the reasons why the ECODRY 25/35 plus will help your vacuum applications benefit from the oil-free pump design.

1. Small frictionless pump design

The ECODRY plus has a compact design. This means that ECODRY can easily fit in any size lab. There are no wearing parts or particle generation, so not only can it fit in any size lab, but it can also be used in labs requiring very clean environments. It’s small, light, and easy to handle.

Some of the most common applications you will see the ECODRY plus in include:

See for yourself how the ECODRY 25/35 plus works!


ECODRY 25/35 plus - Solving your efficiency puzzle

2. Short pump-down times

With high peak pumping speeds of 25/35 m3/h, pump-down times from high pressures down to ultimate vacuum can be shortened significantly. This pump is ideal for backing turbomolecular pumps and cryopumps in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) applications with an ultimate pressure of 0.01 mbar.

These pumps are not only fast, but also very quiet. At 52 dBA, this pump is quieter than a normal conversation. The pump has very low vibrations, and the integrated silencer design within the exhaust further serves to minimize noise.

3. No maintenance is required for five years

The ECODRY 25/35 plus is operated using oil-free multi-stage roots technology. As the pumping chamber is oil-free, typical routine pump maintenance, such as changing the oil or tip seals, is not required for five years. This reduces cost and improves efficiency.

Additionally, the pump rotors are turning at high speeds contact-free, which enables consistent and smooth operation with low noise and vibration without no deterioration in ultimate pressure or suction capacity.

4. Easy to use

The intelligent pump controller enables easy operation. With a wide range switchable power supply (100 to 240 VAC, +/- 10%), which makes these pumps suitable for consistent operation in all parts of the world.

Moreover, ECODRY 25/35 plus have a dashboard integrated. This facilitates ‘push-button’ control of the pump to exchange existing pumps (plug and play). These smart pumps include easy control via serial and digital remote control and monitoring. They also include a USB connector for data monitoring and pump configuration via our free and easy-to-use LEYASSIST software.


5. Lower cost of ownership

The entire ECODRY plus family of dry pumps provide a clean vacuum at maximum pumping speeds of 25 to 55 m³/h while maintaining low noise levels. They deliver stable vacuum performance for many years without maintenance with the following key features:

  •  Small – Compact design, light and easy to handle
  •  Fast – Short pump-down times
  •  Smart – Easy control for the smart laboratories
  • Green – Designed to be environmentally friendly (low power/noise, no oil disposal)

If you have any questions regarding the ECODRY plus family, please contact our specialist 

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