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Vacuum Pump Buy Back Program

Drop the excess load and invest in your future!

Are wondering how to to make use of unwanted old vacuum pump? Or do you have a vacuum pump that’s taking up valuable space in your storage facility? Leybold can help.

Introducing our BuyBack program

At Leybold, we’re offering to take back your unwanted vacuum equipment through our BuyBack program and give you cash in return.

The benefits of using the Leybold BuyBack program

Balanced warehouse: repurposing your excess vacuum equipment ensures a more organized warehouse. This optimization frees up space for essential items, leading to increased efficiency and a safer working environment.

No tied-up capital: keeping unused equipment ties up capital. With our BuyBack program, we help you unlock this capital, providing financial flexibility for core business activities and investments.

No high scrapping costs: disposing of equipment can be expensive. You ship your old or unwanted units back to us and get funds in return. Plus, BuyBack promotes responsible environmental practices, reducing waste and environmental impact.

How does vacuum pump BuyBack work?


First, share the part and serial number of your old vacuum pump with us.

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The BuyBack program value depends on the condition of the vacuum pump, and its triple-, double- or single-star classification.
Tell us what grade your pump is – there are three different classifications:

  • 3-Star: this means that your vacuum pump is un-used, brand new or refurbished in its original packaging.
  • 2-Star: this means that your vacuum pump is working but needs light service. No major components are damaged (such as the motors, rotors or stators).
  • 1-Star: this means that you have a non-functional vacuum pump that needs service with major parts replacement.
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Once we know the classification of your vacuum pump, you will receive a quotation and we will make an agreement.

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Ship your unused vacuum pump to us and receive payment for your vacuum pump.

Below are some of the pump models we are currently looking for:

DRYVAC pump image


SCREWLINE pump image


LEYVAC pump image


SOGEVAC pump image


TRIVAC pump image


RUVAC Pump image

RUVAC pumps

Leybold Service – Your expert and reliable partner

Maintaining your uptime and reducing the risk of production downtime is critical. Anywhere you are, Leybold is there to support you as your vacuum service partner. Our Field Service team are fully equipped and ready to service your vacuum pump. 

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Which oil is compatible with my vacuum pump?

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