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TURBOLAB Composing


High vacuum pumping station

Turbomolecular pump systems for researchers relying on vacuum

The smart high vacuum TURBOLAB systems are compact, fully assembled and ready-to-operate!

Typical applications

  • Research and development
  • High energy physics / accelerators
  • High vacuum and ultra high vacuum systems
  • Analytics
  • Surface physics
  • Industrial vacuum applications and coating processes


Enhanced pump performance

Compact mobile design

Small foot print

Easy to relocate pumps out and away from the frame

Backlight display (control/monitoring/configuration)

Covering a wide span of applications with a full range of high vacuum and dry or wet forevacuum pumps

Innovative turbo station offering dedicated ports for the connection of six different accessories and two gauges

Prepared for worldwide voltage coverage

Monitored data (like frequency, temperature, current or pressure) are automatically stored to a data log file in the TURBOLAB. One can easily view the log file using the TURBOLAB data viewer software which can be downloaded here. Alternatively, the last 512 data points can be viewed from the TURBOLAB data viewer in the web server

One basic design... various options

Turbomolecular pump

TURBOVAC i models from 90 l/s to 450 l/s including frequency converter

Backing pump

  • Dry or oil-sealed, 
  • 15 m3 /h - 20 m3 /h, 
  • 24 V DC/110-230 V AC

Backlight Display

Every TURBOLAB comes with the TURBO.POWER unit for control, configuration and monitoring of the pump system

Built-in support for accessories

  • Purge
  • Vent
  • Air cooling
  • Flange heater
  • Two pressure gauges (1000 mbar to  1x 10-9 mbar)
  • Foreline safety valve

Built-in Webserver

  • Condition monitoring
  • Data analysis
  • Software updates
  • Control, monitor and configure your TURBOLAB system

Easily relocate the pump

away from the frame and on your chamber

Remote control

via the X1 Interface

  • Configurable X1 Digital/Analog I/O
  • Start/Stop
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Analog output

Voltage coverage

Prepared for worldwide coverage. Where ever you are we have you covered.

TURBOLAB pump systems

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