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Dry screw vacuum pumps

Hygienic 100% oil-free, air-cooled design

NOVADRY dry screw pumps offer maximum robustness and extended uptime with a hygienic 100% oil free design. NOVADRY’s innovative contact free design delivers zero oil emission and zero particle emissions for a clean process and high food safety.

Leybold’s low-maintenance dry screw vacuum pump, NOVADRY, do not require any oil or oil filter changes and have simple on-site maintenance that is set to revolutionize the market.

NOVADRY has a fully air-cooled design to ensure high standards of hygiene which goes further by using corrosion-resistant materials for pump components in contact with the process. This makes NOVADRY dry screw pumps, the vacuum benchmark for food safety and the vacuum pump of choice for food and packaging applications.

That give you a lower cost of ownership.

User advantages

High food safety

No oil leakage or oil mist contamination

Suited to handle oxygen (> 21%) in MAP applications

High uptime and performance

Robust design with corrosion free materials

Air cooled design for low total cost of ownership

Operator Comfort: low noise thanks to optimized rotor design and integrated silencer

Simple installation and operation

NOVADRY Dry screw vacuum pump

Vacuum as a key technology

The demands placed by manufacturers and consumers on the quality, shelf life and resource efficiency of food and packaging processes are constantly increasing. This applies even more to perishable products, for example: meat, dairy or fish. Vacuum is considered as an enabling technology, contributing significantly to optimizing food processing and packing. 

No oil, zero contamination

Food processing and packaging manufacturers struggle with vacuum pumps that emit oil contaminating the surfaces and the process. 100% oil free NOVADRY prevents such contamination. This increases safety in applications such as tumbling, filling, vacuum 

Air cooling reduces total cost of ownership

The air-cooled NOVADRY reduces operating costs by simplifying the installation and commissioning. The total life cycle operational costs of the NOVADRY are lower than that for oil-sealed vacuum pumps and other water-cooled dry pumps. NOVADRY’s air-cooled design not only lowers operational costs but also eliminates maintenance of water cooling circuit.

Broad range of applications

The NOVADRY stands out due to its robustness as it delivers full performance over the entire pressure range and life cycle and has a long uptime for simple as well as demanding food and packaging applications. With its robust self-draining design, it can easily handle humidity, as seen in packaging of cold products; powders, oils and greases as well as organic acids.

Proven in real life

NOVADRY has successfully proven its performance in a wide range of food applications such as tumbling, tray sealing, thermoforming, freeze drying and many others. In all applications, the food processing and packing manufacturers have benefited from NOVADRY’s fast cycle times and low final pressure.

ND 65
ND 100
ND 160
ND 200
Max. pumping speed 50/60 Hz  m³/h 65 105 160 200
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast mbar 0.1
Max. permissible outlet pressure (rel. to ambient)  mbar 200
Max. permissible inlet pressure mbar 1050
Water vapor tolerance with gas ballast mbar 60
Water vapor capacity with gas ballast  kg/h  1.9  2.9 3.0 4.0
Noise level at ultimate pressure 50/60 Hz*  dB(A 67 / 70 70 / 73
Permissible ambient temperature  °C 0 ‐ 40
Motor power  kW  1.5  2.2 3.0 4.0
Protection class   IP 55
Dimensions [L x W x H]  mm 644 x 488 x 315 889 x 488 x 315
Weight kg 85 95 105 115
In‐ & outlet connection   G 2“ (In) G 1 1/2“ (Out)

* According to DIN EN ISO 2151


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Hygienic enclosure

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Success Story Gudruns_NOVADRY

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Success Story Aiello_NOVADRY

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NOVADRY is optimized for rough vacuum applications and is the efficient solution for all industries:

Material transport

  • and handling Holding and lifting (Pick & Place)
  • Vacuum clamping (chucking)
  • Vacuum conveying (e. g. of powder, food waste…)
  • Vacuum holding (e. g. mooring)

…in various industries:


  • Wood drying
  • 3D lamination presses
  • CNC router

Glass and ceramics

  • Glass bottle forming
  • Clay degassing
  • Granulate conveying
  • Gluing / Pressing
  • Deep drawing / thermoforming

Food & Packaging

  • Food Processing
  • Food Packaging

Environmental engineering

  • Biogas production
  • Vacuum toilets
  • Soil remediation

Print & paper

  • Press & post-press

…and several other markets!

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NOVADRY Kitchen Movie

NOVADRY Hygienic Enclusure Movie

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