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Pressure switches & control instruments

Fast and accurate pressure control

PS 115 /PS 113

Variable and fixed low pressure switches

The variable pressure switch PS 115 and the fixed low pressure switch PS 113 A indicate whether or not the pressure has reached atmospheric pressure level after venting. 

In the PS 113 A the diaphragm pressure switch is set to a trigger of 6 mbar (4 Torr) below atmospheric pressure. The PS 113 A uses a EPDM diaphragm and is therefore n ot suited for applications in which the process gas contains large quantities of helium. 

The PS 115 has FPM sealing and stainless steel construction, making it more suitable for corrosive environments. It is adjustable between 0.5 and 2000 mbar (0.4 and 1500 Torr).  

Via a differential pressure adapter (optional) the PS 115 may be converted to operate as a differential pressure switch rather than an absolute sensor. 

The adapter consists of a DN 16 ISO-KF flange with screw-in thread and a sealing arrangement, and it is screwed into the PS 115 instead of the adjustment valve. The operating range extends to 2000 mbar (1500 Torr). Brief over-loading to 3000 mbar (2250 Torr) is permissible without impairing switching accuracy. In this operating range differential values of +5 to -20 mbar (+3.75 to -15 Torr) can be adjusted via the set screw. 

The diaphragm contact of the pressure switches is connected on one side to ground and is rated to 24 V / 10 mA max.

For higher voltages or currents, a switching amplifier will be needed. The SV110 is equipped with powerful floating changeover contacts. The output relay is energized as soon as the pressure drops below the switching threshold set up on the pressure switch. 

The electrical connections are provided via screw terminals and are run out of the plastic enclosure through PG fittings. 

Precision Vacuum Gauging

MR 16/50 and CMOVE pressure regulators

The diaphragm pressure regulators MR 16 or 50 are absolute pressure regulators which automatically adapt the pumping speed of a vacuum pump depending on the amount of gas, without the need for an external power supply.

The electronic pressure control system C MOVE, in connection with the electronic control valve MOVE 1250 or MOVE X, controls the gas flow at an individual configured pressure.

The C MOVE is well suited for all applications looking for simple, fast and accurate pressure control. 

The interface module MOVE 1250 connects a RS 232C interface to the digital interface of the MOVE 1250 control valve.

The CMOVE has a clear LCD display and function keys. It is simple to integrate into a PLC system. The valve itself is also easy to dis-assemble and clean during maintenance cycles. 

  • Highly controllable gas throughput  
  • Electromotive pressure control with variable gas flow (upstream regulation) or with variable conductance (downstream regulation) 
  • Analog/digital inputs/outputs and interfaces  
  • High switching accuracy (±0.1 mbar) and capacity 
  • Stable long term operating characteristics  
  • Rugged, corrosion protected design
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