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Architectural coatings

Architechtural Glass Coating & Car Glass

In the building sector architectural glass is a commonly used material.

Especially for office buildings where architectural glass takes over a major part of the building materials. Therefore, it has to fulfil the increasing requirements regarding energy saving and optical design for new buildings.

Special coatings on the architectural glass are used to:

  • Protect the buildings against UV-radiation,
  • Thermally insulate buildings
  • Ensure antireflective properties
  • Or provide a specific color for the building.

Similar requirements are also demanded from the automotive industry for car glass.

Here the coatings:

  • Support the thermal insulation,
  • Protect against anti-reflection & UV-radiation
  • And can offer different colors for car glass.

The coating systems are mostly in-line systems with an entrance section, different process chambers and an exit section.

In the process chambers, the layers are usually applied by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes which take place under vacuum conditions in the pressure range of 10-3 mbar.

The typical high vacuum pumps for these applications are turbomolecular vacuum pumps like our TURBOVAC family.

For big architectural glass coating systems the pumping speed needed for the entrance and exit sections is very high; robust fore vacuum pumps are mandatory for an efficient coating system. Typical backing pumps are oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps like the SOGEVAC or TRIVAC product lines or dry vacuum pumps like our DRYVAC or SCREWLINE families.

To achieve higher pumping speeds the backing pumps are often combined with Roots pumps like our broad RUVAC portfolio.

Leybold offers all needed accessories like vacuum gauges, components, valves and leak detectors as well as RGAs in addition to the vacuum pump program.

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