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THERMOVAC - Handheld Gauge


Portable all-in-one gauge

Handheld measurement instruments

The digital compact PIEZOVAC PV 101 and THERMOVAC TM 101 combine high-quality sensor technology with modern processor technology in a handy design. The integrated screen allows for spot checking without the need to have a separate local display. Even operation while completely under vacuum conditions is possible so you could monitor how well your vacuum packing machine is performing! 

Owing to their battery mode, alongside optional 15VDC mains power adaptor, the devices can be attached and operated at any pressure measuring point, and directly display or store up to 2,000 values for later evaluations and visualizations via the optional VACUGRAPH software. You can also purchase a dedicated carry case for when it is integrated into a wider work-kit. 


Piezo-resistive silicon sensor

The PIEZOVAC PV 101 operates with an internal piezo-resistive silicon sensor able to measure from 1200 to 0.1 mbar. Under the influence of pressure a thin diaphragm is bent, and on it‘s back a resistor-bridge is applied. The bending forces the measurement-bridge to come out of tune, which is a measure for the applied pressure. 

The PIEZOVAC PV 101 has been specially developed for food sector deployments. Thanks to its detachable flange connection the size of the sensor was significantly reduced. The exclusive use of its piezo sensor significantly increases the battery’s service life so that the device is continuously ready for operation. With a measuring rate of minimum 50 ms, you are informed in short process times on the current pressure. 


Piezo resistive pressure sensor combined with Priani sensor

The THERMOVAC TM 101 combines a piezo-resistive pressure sensor for the upper and a Priani sensor for the lower pressure range, the measurements made by this portable gauge are independent of the type of gas above pressures of 15 mbar (11.25 Torr). It is capable of measuring pressures within the pressure range of 1200 to 5x 10-4 mbar (900 to 3.75 x 10-4 Torr). 

This portable gauge can operate optionally as a data logger saving the pressure data during the measurement making it perfect for service personnel to check performance and log it as part of their process. 

THERMOVAC - Handheld Gauge

Optional VacuGraph accessory set

VacuGraph is a windows software for measuring data storage and PC analysis

The accessory set is a practical suitcase that includes software, USB interface cable and adapters. This case provides the protection of all parts and holds them in one place. The intelligent software allows online recording of measurements as well as the read-out of the PIEZOVAC PV 101 or THERMOVAC TM 101 data memory. Measurements can be plotted as a diagram and exported as text files for further analysis.  


  • Easy to read LCD screen with long battery life via 9v battery 
  • Integrated flange for easy spot checking of systems 
  • Pressure measurement from 1200 to 5 x 10-4 mbar
  • Gas correction factors stored directly on the unit, adjustable directly on the unit, or via dedicated software 
  • Ability to store multiple data points and export to PC 
  • Carry case provides a safe way to transport gauge and accessories from site to site 
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