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High vacuum pump systems

Plug & Play high vacuum system

Built with reliable components and different configurations for individual vacuum requirements

High vacuum and ultra high vacuum environmental conditions are needed wherever your experiment or productions need to be run under most stable and controllable conditions. 

Side effects coming from particles or gases could influence the results and could cause major negative aspects.

Customized TURBOLAB Systems

The TURBOLAB high vacuum system is not only recognized for its convenient compact and mobile design, but the diversity of possible connections and its pumping performance make it one of the desired vacuum systems on the market.

A modern styled user interface with a build-in web server allows you to take control from every place in your company and maybe from your place at home.


A small plug-and-play high vacuum pumping system for research and laboratory and industrial applications.

With the TURBOLAB Core you get a cost efficient and easy to use pumping station.

This simple pumping station incorporates a turbomolecular pump and a backing pump together with a simple controller, all 3 fitted on a robust baseplate, making it the ideal solution for many applications!


The combination of a high performance pumping station TURBOLAB with a LEYSPEC residual gas analyzer offers efficient and flexible gas analysis, regardless of your pressure.

Moreover it can be connected to any process using a fine-dosing UHV valve.