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Oil sealed pumps

Triple-hitting vacuum technology for a clean, quiet and long-running performance

Leybold NEO D oil sealed rotary vane pumps excel in industrial and analytical application with their low noise levels, smooth and clean operation. When processes rely on continuous vacuum, reliable, high-performance vacuum technology is essential. NEO D, with less noise and fewer emissions contributes to a better work environment with higher levels of productivity in demanding applications.

NEO D pumps are double stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps. Oil is injected into the pump chamber for sealing, lubrication and cooling of the pump and is recycled from the pump’s oil reservoir and filtered. The lubrication system delivers continuous operation at high intake pressures (max. 1000 mbar abs.)  making the NEO D pumps versatile to pump from atmosphere down to ultimate pressure. The oil carried with the process gas is first roughly separated in the oil box and then in the integrated exhaust filters where the fine oil mist is trapped. The separating system lowers the exhaust emission and is free of oil mist (≤1 ppm) delivering a 1000 times cleaner working environment as compared to competitive pumps without this technology.

User advantages

Patented integrated exhaust filter. No external accessory required. Oil loss < 1 ppm

Continuous operation from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure

Lowest noise and vibration levels

Cool operating temperature, for longer oil lifetime

Low space requirement, easy to install

Maintenance-friendly, oil drain valve and easy to change exhaust filter

NEO D - Image Movie

Compact design

NEO D pumps have a common shaft for the motor and vacuum generator making the pump compact. With the NEO D pumps, you get 30% more space as compared to competitive pumps.

Quiet operation

Leybold NEO D oil sealed rotary vane pumps are designed to keep the noise level as low as possible. By using perfected manufacturing techniques, the NEO D is ideal for applications that need low noise and vibrations.

Anti-suckback valve

The anti- suckback valve (called ASBV) is protected by a metal wire mesh filter. During a pump stop (for example due to shut down or a power failure), the ASBV closes the intake hydraulically & quickly. This prevents the pressure from rising in the connected chamber while the pump is vented at the same time. Any suckback of pump oil into the vacuum system is effectively prevented. This process operates under all operating conditions even when the gas ballast valve is open.

Environment friendly

The built-in exhaust filter ensures an oil mist-free exhaust over the entire range of operating pressures – from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure. 

Ready to Use

All pumps are delivered with the required quantity of oil, already filled in and are thus ready for operation. 

NEO D variants

  • Wide range of single or three-phase motors
  •  Options of Synthetic, Food grade and long life oils
    NEO D 16  NEO D 25  NEO D 40  NEO D 65
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated pumping speed  m³/h  19/23 28/34 47/56 74/89
Eff pumping speed  m³/h  16/16 24/29 40/48 63/76
Ult pressure w/o GB mbar < 8 x 10-3
Ult pressure with GB  mbar < 1 x 10-1
Water vapor tolerance mbar 10
Motor power          

3-phase motor






1-phase motor 






Frequency converter

kW 0,75/0,9 0,9/1,1 1,5/1,5 2,0/2,6
Noise level  db(A) 54 54 57 57
Oil volume l 1,5 1,5 3 3
Flanges   25 KF 25 KF 40 KF 40 KF
Weight  kg 48 48 80 88
Dimensions L x W x H  mm 516 x 288 x 294 516 x 288 x 294 632 x 356 x 320 632 x 356 x 320

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  • Research and development
  • Sterilization
  • Freeze drying systems
  • Chemistry/pharmaceuticals
  • Analytical engineering
  • Cooling and air-conditioning
  • Medicine technology
  • Glove boxes
  • Backing pump for high vacuum pump systems
  • Leak testing
  • Resin degassing/composites
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