Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant

General industry

Utility vacuum solutions for major general industrial manufacturing applications

There aren’t many industrial production processes that don’t require the use of vacuum. Vacuum technology is used to create clean environments for degassing and drying purposes or simply for holding or transporting applications. In most areas of industry today, it’s indispensable.

Being the oldest vacuum pump company in the world, Leybold has gained extensive experience with all types of industrial vacuum applications. These are typically not simple or clean, as the vacuum pumps are challenged by humidity, outgassing vapors, particles and multiple other impurities.

Our broad portfolio of vacuum pumps offers the necessary reliability and durability for coping with such challenges and are supported by an extensive portfolio of accessories such as filters and traps, often enabling the use of pumps and/or ensuring the lowest maintenance needs. We have the right vacuum solution for each challenging application. With a global team of vacuum application experts, we can support you in making the right decisions to ensure that your production processes run smoothly.

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