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Who are we: our culture, vision and mission

Our culture, vision and mission

At Leybold, we value everyone who shares our passion to make the world a better place. Our strategy includes a drive for innovation, interaction with all our stakeholders and an inclusive work culture. Read more about what matters to us and join our journey towards a better tomorrow.

About Leybold

Leybold is a pioneer in vacuum technology, combining our drive for innovation with a heritage that stretches back more than 170 years. Since 2016, Leybold is part of the Atlas Copco Group. Read more about our company, markets and history.

Our culture

Our mission

Attaining the leadership position in vacuum solutions by partnering our customers in their efforts to explore a better life and, in the processs, innovate more valeu-added solutions that strengthen sustainable manufacturing.

Our values


We are open to all new ideas, and we facilitate continuous development through, benchmarking, and  communication.


We believe in encouraging a dynamic working environment that promotes open communication and fosters the importance of teamwork.


We honor our commitments. Should we foresee a deviation, we encourage immediate communication to rectify the potential problem.

Diverse by nature and inclusive by choice

Leybold female employees in a meeting room

We know that everyone has different experiences and perspectives. We want to work together to leverage these to create a safe, productive, and inclusive environment for everyone. 

Celebrating diversity

At Leybold, diversity isn't just a catchphrase—it's a fundamental pillar of our identity and a key driver of our success. We believe that a diverse workforce brings a multitude of perspectives, experiences, and talents to the table. As a result, diversity makes us more resilient, innovative, and better prepared for the challenges of our ever-evolving world.

Our inclusion and diversity goals

We have 4 key Inclusion & Diversity goals. These goals ensure that we are making progress in our Inclusion & Diversity efforts and that we are all moving in the same direction. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond words; it's embedded in our actions:

  • We proactively seek various talent in our hiring efforts, ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates through fair and unbiased practices.
  • We also provide continuous training and development opportunities to our employees. Personal development creates an inclusive environment where every individual can thrive and advance in their careers.
  • We're resolute in achieving pay equity, ensuring all employees are compensated fairly and without bias.
  • We regularly assess our progress, holding ourselves accountable for meeting our diversity and inclusion goals and continuously improving our efforts. 

Why Diversity & Inclusion matters to us

Diversity is not a peripheral concern but an integral part of who we are. Our core values are grounded in respect, inclusivity, and the genuine appreciation of differences. Here's why diversity is so vital to us:

Fostering innovation

Diverse teams are a wellspring of fresh ideas and innovation. When people from various backgrounds collaborate, the intersection of different perspectives often sparks groundbreaking solutions. We understand that it's in this diversity of thought where the most profound insights emerge, leading to transformative breakthroughs.

Inclusion isn't just about headcount—it's about ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. By embracing diversity, we cultivate an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their views. This leads to better decision-making as it involves a wider range of perspectives. The result: well-considered choices that ultimately benefit both our company and our customers.

Employee Satisfaction

A diverse and inclusive workplace isn't just good for business; it's vital for our employees' well-being and job satisfaction. We take pride in nurturing an environment where each team member feels valued, respected, and supported. Our commitment to diversity is evident in our high employee retention rates and overall job satisfaction levels.

What Diversity & Inclusion mean to us

At Leybold we view diversity as a wellspring of strength and innovation. We invite our employees, partners, and customers to join us in celebrating a colorful Leybold and making it an integral part of our shared success. Together, we're building a workplace and a world where everyone is valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Community engagement: Water for all

Young boy drinking water
Campaign picture of the water for all project

We make a positive impact through "Water for All," our primary community engagement initiative. This initiative is founded by Atlas Copco Group employes and Leybold therefore is part of it as well. Through the unwavering dedication of our volunteering employees, we support projects that provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to empower people.

Every employee donation is generously matched by Atlas Copco Group, doubling the impact of our collective efforts. “Water of All” has been making a difference since 1984 and is represented in over 50 countries.

#WaterForAll #CommunityEngagement #MakingADifference.

Would you like to learn more about this initiative? Explore the Water for All’s dedicated website. 

Three leybold employees in a meeting room, two of them are hugging

Join us and transform the future